The Kinect May Be Saved By Letting People Make Out With Themselves On Camera

The Kinect may be a lost cause for proper games, but there's still hope for it to live on as a party trick. Which is exactly what the sequel to Double-Fine's Happy Action theatre is trying to do.

And it looks to be succeeding.

This clip, taken from Giant Bomb's Quick Look of the game, gets interesting at around 19:00. Which is when you see a game mode appear that lets you beat yourself up. Or make out with yourself. Right on your big screen TV.

Sure, it's basic stuff to the jaded and sober eye. But throw 10 people and enough booze into the mix and suddenly this is the best game ever.

Quick Look EX: Double Fine Happy Action theatre Sequel [Giant Bomb]


    I saw this a few days ago and loved it. God they have so much fun.

    Please die kinect

    The dubstep thing is the real good bit.

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