The Little Games We Play Every Day In Life

Sometimes we create games out of nothing. They can be as simple and universal as "the floor is lava", or unique and even complex ideas we let our imaginations run with.

I've certainly spent car rides staring out the window imagining scenarios with random hero characters and villains. What games do you play in your head?

Games We Play [YouTube via The Daily What via Vvv]


    omg the one where the man was running......same childhood imagination!

      Mine was on a motorbike and spent most of the time doing tricks on the powerlines

        That and doing it on the hills/mountain ranges

        Omg, mine was a motorcycle as well! Except it was also a Transformer, and turned humanoid when the scenery become not fit for wheels.

      Childhood imagination? Sometimes I still imagine this :P

      Mine was a skateboarder.

      And I still do it. Which is weird, because the only experience I've had with skateboards are the old tony hawk games :p

      I imagined sonic doing that

      I went one step further as a child. I didn't just imagine it, I made a little man with my hand and put it up against the window to make him "run" along the road.

      it's so crazy that so many people did this! I did it all the time and just figured I was a psycho :)

    Ha ha this is awesome because I did these very same things in my head as a youngin'

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      I imagine what it'd be like to have less people whinging about when free websites they choose to visit decide to post even more interesting and entertaining content

      I like seeing new articles every 10min or so. Makes refreshing fun. And who cares if some are better than others? You're not going to like everything, just check once a day and read the articles that interest you. That's what makes this site great.

        +1 True that! I like the phrase' Makes refreshing fun' - I oddly hear it in a 1950's voice over

    I used to play with the scythe! It would cut everything as we drove. I wonder why a lot of these are so common between people!

      Actually mine was a big long blade that stuck out the side of the car.

    2 (or any number) steps per cement block on the walkway. Everybody in the world does this.

    My favourite one was using the chip in the windscreen as crosshairs and lining on coming traffic up for missile launches . Now I think of it, thats quite disturbing

      *high five*

      I used to shoot at road signs too lol

    The guy running beside the car, mine would always be struggling to stay in view and would be doing crazy dodges and near misses with everything that we drove past. And shit would be blowing up and knocking him out and back into view. Great video, all these things are spot on.

    I used to play a similar game to the running man, except he had to jump over different things, like all the poles, cars, or openings in the path. What was even weirder was that I used to use my toes to represent one jump, and If I didn't jump, I would trip and start again.

    Thank god, I thought I was the only one who did these things haha :P

    I used to have an imaginary pet chipmunk (modeled after Chip and Dale, the Disney characters) that would do a sort of Spy Hunter thing as we traveled. Most of the time it was a motor bike, with fields it was usually a plane, and of course boat for water. I'd also do the one step per path segment thing with the rule that you must have one foot on the ground at all times, which was always fun when you had the really big sections. It's also fun to play "Keep Moving", especially in crowded places like the city where you have to start doing dodges and sidling to get past people. It's also great fun driving trolleys like race cars but the wheels are usually crap so corners get interesting..

    Running man as well but a little variation where instead of staying off the ground it was running along the white lines and there is lasers between the power poles so always had to jump them while making sure not to hit the ground.

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