The Ludicrous QuakeCon Steam Sale Includes Lots Of Games

This year's QuakeCon Bundle Steam sale is crazy. It'll save you over $US200 and get you the following games for just $US100.

  • Brink
  • Brink: Agenst of Change
  • Brink: Doom/Psycho Combo Pack
  • Brink: Fallout/SpecOps Combo Pack
  • Call of Cthulllu: Dark Corners of the Earth
  • Commander Keen
  • Doom 3
  • Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil
  • Doom II
  • Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition
  • Fallout New Vegas
  • Fallout New Vegas: Dead Money
  • Fallout New Vegas: Honst Hearts
  • Fallout New Vegas: Old World Blues
  • Fallout New Vegas: Courier's Stash
  • Fallout New Vegas: Gun Runners' Arsenal
  • Fallout New Vegas: Lonesome Road
  • Final Doom
  • Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders
  • HeXen II
  • HeXeb: Beyond Heretic
  • HeXen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel
  • Hunted: The Demon's Forge
  • Master Levels for Doom II
  • Quake
  • Quake II
  • Quake II MIssion Pack; Ground Zero
  • Quake II MIssion Pack: The Reckoning
  • Quake III Arena
  • Quake III: Team Arena
  • Quake IV
  • Quake Mission Pack 1: Scourge of Armagon
  • Quake Mission Pack 2: Dissolution of Eternity
  • Rage
  • Return to Castle Wolfenstein
  • Rogue Warrior
  • Spear of Destiny
  • The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowing Game of the Year Edition
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Game of the Year Edition
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • Ultimate Doom
  • Wolfenstein 3D

Gee, that's it?

QuakeCon Steam Bundle


    Besides Fallout 3: GOTY and the aelder Scrolls games, this pack is EXACTLY the same as the ID Collection pack that was offered during the steam sale

      To correct myself, this is the ID Collection and most of the Bethesda pack from the steam sale combined

        and we never saw the Besthesda pack on our region of Steam for some reason.

    $134.99US. Currency conversion : You're doing it wrong!

      Yep. Plus this: 78% off for the US, 74% off for Aussies

    I only want Fallout NV as I missed it in the steam sale. Will just wait for it to be cheap.

    Bought this pack last year for $69.99... it's way too expensive this year. They've added Rage and Skyrim, but I wouldn't pay $65 for those, especially without Dawnguard...

    Surprised they haven't got Wolfenstein 2009 back on Steam yet as well.

      No kidding, last years Quakecon pack was insane value compared to this years just good value. The Australia tax doesn't help things, adding an extra $35, although Skyrim by itself today is the cheapest I've seen it at $29.99. I'm just happy I spent all my money last year on Quakecon and the Summer Sale publisher packs, this years don't really compare.

    I got these last year, save Rage and Skyrim!

    And IIRC the very first game I played when I bought it: Doom.

      Ha, me too - although it could have been because the download was tiny and I couldn't wait for anything else.

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