The Makers Of DayZ Want To Put It On Consoles

DayZ on your Xbox? Could happen soon.

Dean Hall, project lead on the popular zombie-survival title whose success transformed it from an Arma 2 mod into a full-fledged game, told Joystiq at Gamescom that he wants to bring it to consoles. And he's meeting with console-makers at the show.

"You're not going to put it on the consoles if you're only going to sell 100,000 units or something like that," Hall told Joystiq. "DayZ will be driven by its PC development and it will innovative on that. And, once we're at a point, we'll take it and do a Mac version, 360 and PS3."

DayZ already has over a million players.

DayZ lead wants game on consoles, 'having meetings' about it at Gamescom [Joystiq]




        because it wont be an exclusive anymore?

        cant possibly have more people playing a game the humanity..

          Actually its more along the lines of having to dumb things down to the console level. Such as controls. Can you imagine how they are going to implement being able to move your head independantly from the rest of your body? Either they make two different games or they fuck up the pc version because consoles can't possibly cater to the controls

            Well seeing you don't really need to strafe when you're looking around, a single-button/stick click should swap left stick from strafing to turning, and the right-stick to looking around. Then either click the same button/stick again (or you can make a press, not toggle, mode) and left stick returns to strafe and right stick to look.

            You have no vision.

            The hassle of separate VoIP, texting your mates to co ordinate, checking servers for time zones, random pc glitches , connection drops, not being able to party up with your mates without a mission control moon landing level of organization doesnt make me feel "smarter" for using a pc...
            I have a lot less patience for this mucking about in the precious few hours of game time i get between sleep and work

              It took me about 10 minutes to get all the controls down pat. They are also surprisingly intuative one you get the hang of them. But I guess having to exercise 10 minuts of coherant thought is too much to ask for some people.
              Another point, I'll remind you that this mod is still in alpha so those 'random pc glitches and connection drops' come with the territory. If you didn't think about that before you gave it a go then you're an idiot.

                Did I at any point mention I had an issue with the game or the controls or that its in alpha?
                Maybe you should have read and absorbed what I was saying than busting out the PC ELITIST cliche response.
                Statement of fact, consoles have a much better start up, party up with mates and get into the game factor because that's what they are designed to do, if you cant understand why someone might prefer that you have gone full retard sir
                Its a preference and an opinion, OMG SOMEONE ON THE INTERNET DOESN'T THINK THE SAME AS YOU!!111!!

                  Any sane person would take 'The hassle of separate VoIP, texting your mates to co ordinate, checking servers for time zones, random pc glitches , connection drops, not being able to party up with your mates without a mission control moon landing level of organization doesnt make me feel “smarter” for using a pc…' as you pretty much saying 'hurr durr this is too hard *mashes keyboard in desperation* I'll go back to playing CoD/whatever preschool fps you kids are playing these days'

                  I can fully understand why someone would prefer using a console. Its quite simple. Either they : A )fall within the 10-14 age bracket or B) are too stupid/impatient to apply themselves mentally for more than 10 seconds.
                  This 'eliteist pc attitude' you speak of stems from tards like you turning the gaming industy into a stagnent, bland, boring place where old ideas get rehashed and new intersting ideas get beaten down with an iron fist.

                  Have fun with your backwards thinking and inferior hardware.

            pretty similar to any other game, 1 stick for camera, 1 stick for feet. Or is there a 3rd control for PC?

            Kinect anyone?

      Well that's to be expected the console market is way larger then the PC market however the PC market and the amount of people who are switching to PC have increased substantially probably due to the fact that their tired of playing games on a console that is 6-7 years old, I would know I switched from Xbox to PC, was the best choice I've made in a while.

    As one of those that doesn't have a capable PC...yes please.

    As a launch game that isn't exactlly that graphically intense (if it is using the same engine as arma) should be able to run on most basic pc.

      Isnt the new Dayz standalone in development meant to be running Arma 3 engine? which from what I've seen looks alot better.

        I think you under estimate how much of a resource hog Arma 2 is.

        While it may not have super HD textures or stupidly high contrast and bloom, there is a lot going on (huge maps, lots of AI etc.)

          Rocket seems pretty dedicated to providing a great experience to the community.
          As a Developer, he exudes the determination to make this kind of project work to its fullest potential.

          He'll figure it out! :D

          Operation Flashpoint 2 did as well and that worked out quite well.

            Operation Flashpoint 2 which was from codemasters was not part of the armaverse not even the same engine that dayz is made on. Arma: Cold war crsis (as it is now called because Opereation Flashpoint name belongs to codemasters) was put on the original xbox and got a few sales but it was not a very good game at all compared to the PC version.

    And the players of consoles want to play Day Z.

    Though I can't see this happening because of the need for dedicated servers - someone has to run and pay for them. BF3 is the only game so far (on console) that has been able to get players paying for servers.

      Fortunately individuals/clans are already forking out the server fees so that we can play this Alpha game for free.
      I don't think that a shift to consoles would change anything in that regard.

      That's the only real thing that I think would hold this back, unless Microsoft and Sony were going to run a bunch of dedicated servers.

      If they can sort that out I'm all for it. Otherwise I'll stick to the PC version (once I get a new PC that is - my current PC won't run Arma2).

        A lot of early XBOX 360 titles actually had dedicated server options. It was flawed in that most of them used the XBOX 360 as the server rather than a PC but the point is that it can be done pretty easily without having to rely on Sony or Microsoft. Console gamers didn't really take a shine to it because it's a lot of hassle, but I'm sure the right game could sway them.

    arma 2 engine on a console= fog distance of 3 meters.

    I think the only drawback in a game of DayZ on consoles will be the limited amount of people per server? Though tbh 32 people max per server may end up working IN its favour too.

    The more people who end up playing DayZ, the better quite frankly.

    Wow, that's going to look REALLY horrible. Not to mention the dumbed-down controls and what-not. And ndroste, I wouldn't even bee that generous, no fog, just draw distance ;)

      The 360 and PS3 are quite capable of reproducing ARMA 2's engine. They recreated Operation Flashpoint 2's engine which is far more graphically intensive than Arma 2's and that ran quite splendidly. Question is, will the console version be a port of the existing DayZ or the inevitable Arma3 engine based one?

        Re-creating /running an engine is COMPLETELY different to it being able to perform at a PC's graphics processing level.

    As a console gamer and a Mac user, this is welcome news!
    Just because it goes to console, doesn't mean that the mechanics will be the same. Minecraft came to 360 and instead of needing a server, it saves a file. Can't see why something LIKE this can't be put on for DayZ. Something like that, not necessarily the same

      The 360 and PS3 would be extremely hard pressed to actuall run Arma 2 as it is due tot he fact that is a massive CPU hog as well as being a gpu hog unlike an unreal or quake engine run game that are GPU hogs with hardly any cpu usuage.

      Dragon Rising and Red River where built with consoles in mind from the very beginning and dont even go anywhere near the level of Arma 2 or even the original Cold War Crisis

    If they really are taking inspiration from Minecraft development cycle, it will be ages till this thing goes gold. If they are only just starting discussions, I would guess at at least 2 years, which will put it around the assumed launch time of the next-gen consoles. Working out server set ups is a current issue facing 360, as it is obviously a flaw in games like Minecraft and any hopes of getting a proper MMO going so I think they would be at least having a good look at how they could improve on this system for the next console.

      Because it sure as hell didn't work for Minecraft right?

      So FFXI on the 360 isn't an MMO? Have I been playing with self aware AI this entire time?

    Should be an orbis launch title, would change the world

    I'm actually yet to play DayZ, but I have played enough of Arma II to be pretty sure this wouldn't work. Mainly because of the controls..

    I have a capable enough PC, but theres just something about the PC community that scares yes please.

    Day Z with regen health and auto aim, yeah sounds like a good idea.

    There goes you hardcore zombie game.

    aaah, what a suprise. PC extremists (oops sorry, "Fundamentalist PC enthusiasts") up in arms about their game going to consoles. Boo hoo hoo. The bulk of your arguments only show how tunnel-visioned you've all become.

    The only honest roadblock and concern for DAYZ on console is the player count and dedicated server issues. Everything else can be overcome.

    I would love to play it on Xbox 360, but I do think it'd be a great idea if it was a PC exclusive. Either way i'm happy.


    Who cares whether it comes to consoles or not? Yeah, the console version may be "dumbed down", but why does that necessarily have to affect the PC version?
    They're touting this standalone as a Minecraft-style, work-in-progress beta; a game which is constantly evolving. They can do that with relative ease on PC - not so much on consoles. While there may be a static, simplified version of DayZ for consoles, the PC version will continue to evolve. And because of the closed nature of Xbox Live and the PSN, the games will exist outside of one another. As far as I can see, it just means more DayZ players, and therefore more money to inject into improving the game for the PC enthusiasts.

    LAWL GOOOOD luck getting arma to work on consoles.

    I think current gen consoles would struggle to run the Arma 2 engine.

    I t would be completely different and separate to the PC game anyway so who cares? It's not like PC gamers will be able to play with console gamers.

    I would love to play Consoles...
    - if they had an online modding community like PC
    - allowed me to use a keyboard and mouse
    - and also allowed me to install better hardware so that i could keep up with next-gen titles while theoretically still having the same console.

    Basically, just make a PC but solely built and designed to play games, port and download custom content via USB or Download. It would also let people cross-platform play (i hope) and at least the people with different mindsets/wallets to PC gamers can still enjoy a diverse gaming experience.

    I recognise the need for cheap gaming platforms like consoles, but i don't want the ability that PC gamers have washed away. I want a gaming generation of modders as well as casual gamers.

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