The Making Of Jetpack Joyride

At GDC this year, Halfbrick put together a presentation on 'The Making of Jetpack Joyride', a game which I spent untold hours on public transport playing — and I'm sure I wasn't the only one. That presentation is now available to watch for free on the GDC vault website. If you have the time it's a pretty incredible watch.

I found it particularly interesting that Jetpack Joyride was, initially, a game that was supposed to be made in four weeks. The idea was to take a core concept in Halfbrick's earlier game, Monster Dash, and strip it back to create a one button endless runner.

If you have any interest in games development at all this is a must watch.

Head here to check it out.

Thanks Gamasutra!


    awesome, love these breakdowns :) Really interesting to see the parallels across creative industries

    Now I finally understand why the game says 'reloading machinegun jetpack' when I boot it up. Awesome vid!

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