The Matrix's Coolest Scene Incredibly Remade In Valve's Source Filmmaker


    Pretty impressive. Now if only he was able to do the whole movie........ lol

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      A person with far to much worthless time on their hands. Or ill-used time, either way.

        what is wroooooooooong with you?! just. dont. freaking. watch it. oh my fucking god. stop stinking up the internet for the rest of us.

      roughly the same from NeoGAF too

      Don't listen to these moaning ... people, Luke. I like watching your clips etc. I don't have enough time to scour the web for everything, so a one stop site of amalgamated articles works great for me :)

    Not as bad as I thought that would be. Had really good bits when everything was out of focus lol

    that was so fucking awesome. That is like the greatest thing I've ever seen!

    how the hell did he do that.

    And if you need something funnier, with much better lipsynching...

    You'll be pining for the Fjords, when you click on this:

    ARRRRG!! PAL Audio! The pitch! The pitch! :P

    Now that I've seen it, it's pretty cool. Still not the lobby scene though.

    But damn those lips at the start are freaky.

    Lamest recreation ever. Don't know why they bothered. Lighting bad, texturing bad, lip sync bad. Need any more?

    The scene loses a bit of tension when you realise Nick and Demoman are barely a meter or two off the ground at the end there.

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