The Mystery Of Pokémon Trading Finally Revealed

It's 2012. We take stuff like the transfer of data for granted. But back in the day, for kids, trading Pokémon between Game Boys seemed like a little big of magic.

Magic that's explained, in great detail, above.

puraspokeweas [via Tiny Cartridge]


    I was scrolling through tumblr earlier and saw this GIF, of course there it wasn't all broken like in this "article"

      need to resize, right click and select open in new window/tab/whatever floats your boat.

        I realize that. The point is that this is a news site where people get paid to do things, while tumblr is where people do things for free and even they can post a GIF correctly.

        Aww. That just ruined it for me.

        I imagined all the glitching to be something related to the cloning cheat where you pulled the cable out halfway through the trade. Something's defiantly not right when you have to try and use your imagination to work out wtf this is meant to be about.

        Opening it in a new tab ruined that all.

    A gif is not an article...

      The GIF has a definative article wheras a Gif has an indefinate one.

    Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. NOW that I can actually see what is going on correctly.

    I was really hoping this would explain the actual mechanics they used to transfer Pokemon through the link cables back in the first generation. My hopes were crushed and ripped apart, much like this .gif

    this was on reddit over the weekend. i goto reddit for cheap entertaining crap like this
    i goto kotaku for gaming articles, what is this.

    News tab is ^ there guys.
    Just thought you should know since you are all so "up there and with it" regarding the

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