The NES Runs So Hot You Can Use It As A Toaster

This is just a render, but it almost seems a likely scenario. Be sure to expand for the full size. NES Toaster [deviantART via Inspirez via Ufunk]


    The Angry Video Game Nerd pulled off something similar to this...actually the exact opposite.

    A Toaster....that plays NES games.

      I do not mean to be rude, but The Nerd got the Nintoaster (?) from a friend of his.

      Personally, I would not mind one but it's unviable as I'm based in Australia.

        And this is how you build the Nintoaster :P

    Be sure to expand for the full size... Why?

      Cause I can shoop too ^.^

    So, I can also toast tortilla in a Wii?

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