This New Halo 4 Multiplayer Trailer Features *GULP*... Dubstep

But where is the orbital drop? Okay, let's start again — as plenty of you are most likely well aware, I am a huge fan of Halo's multiplayer. So this trailer, which shows off multiple new weapons at your disposal should be right up my alley, right? Well, yes. Kinda. But I sort of couldn't take in all of those new details over the obnoxious amount of dubstep!

Of course, I'm exaggerating (I actually sort of like Dubstep), but it does feel a little bit weird to have dubstep in a Halo trailer. Being perfectly honest, I think the main reason dubstep is used in so many trailer is because it's fun for video editors to work with. That's the most likely reason.

Anyway, obnoxious Dubstep soundtrack aside, Halo 4 still looks great.


    I just have to say, I like Dubstep.

    Even obnoxious Dubstep

    And now the video's been removed by the user. See, you shouldn't have said bad things about their Dubstep!!

    URRRGH. Why do they keep adding that rubbish to videogames?

    It's music and it's a matter of opinion, I get it, but don't add it to trailers, especially when it doesn't fit the theme. Dubstep doesn't add up with Halo. It's almost as bad as when they used Dubstep for Assassin's Creed.

      Personally I feel dubstep really is be appropriate for Halo. In regards to Assassin's Creed though I'd have to thoroughly agree though.

    "I think the main reason dubstep is used in so many trailer is because it’s fun for video editors to work with"

    Also that it has gained some pretty big mainstream popularity at the moment. Being someone who has liked a whole range of electronic music for a long time now, I find it bizarre that of all things, dubstep is the genre which has become mainstream. In saying that I'm quite partial to some dubstep (and some is meh, such is the way of music).

    Anyway I'm gonna shutup about dubstep now and say that I just tried to actually watch the video and it says its been removed by the user :/

      No offense, but read what you just said. It's fun for video editors to work with. Now, half of the time video editors WRITE the dubstep. Does that say anything? It means Michael Salvatori and his partner either aren't working with Halo anymore or they've just let someone else do the musical part for the trailers. Dubstep is simple. I am a mixer, I equalize and put things together for friends' bands and produce it into a CD. Now with THIS, I can write this kind of thing. I do NOT consider myself a musician, and I can make dubstep. Why? It's easy. That's the problem I have with the music, but to each his own. I've been to raves and enjoyed it. However, HALO has ALWAYS, ALWAYS, and I say again... ALWAYS used incredibly well written orchestrations and fusion rock/symhponic structured music. So putting dubstep into halo is like squirting peanut butter onto a meal at an incredibly expensive restaurant you just paid 120 dollars for. It just doesn't make sense. Sure, a FEW people may LIKE that mean, but close to none. So it doesn't work and it's like a smack in the face to Salvatori. IF I AM WRONG AND SALVATORI IS WHO IS WRITING IT, then I am ashamed to think he is going downhill. He was FAMOUS for the soundtracks in the last halo game, NOW listen to them! You could play them at a party and no one would know it's halo! It doesn't have all the elements it used to have and it's incredibly simplistic and one dimensional. I could go on about this for ages, but just try not to take offense to this. I am not bashing dubstep whatsoever. The fact that it is simple to create is a fact - sit on that. The quality of the music is up to that of the listener. Now I'm going to go search for what happened to Salvatori, because this is ridiculous.

      Also apologies, I didn't realize it was what someone else said and not you. This is directed more or less at everyone.

    Brb, cancelling my preorder because of the trailer music.

      U know they have the same trailer with just the weapon sounds right.

    in the same update they released this trailer they released a version for normal people without the wubwub

    I personally like Dubstep, have liked it for many years, although I do agree since it has mainstreamed it has been blown out of proportion with every man and their dog using it for video game montages e.g. (CoD and Battlefield). Now this doesn't piss me off, it just irritates me that kids reckon Skrillex is dubstep, he has said himself that he is not dubstep, he is a mashup of all different types of music. Yes some of his music involves dubstep undertones but most of the time its just a mashup of various genres.

    video taken down, anyone got another link?

      Ha ha. Found it on Halo waypoint and the link was really long, did a tinyurl and look what came out:

      The link almost sounds like dubstep

    Totally agree on the editing explanation, Mark. Dubstep to me always seemed to be a logical extension of The Bourne Supremacy cuisinart school of editing.
    Here it is.

    Bieber or dubstep you can only choose one: GO!

    no seriously they should do trailers with some happy hardcore, or maybe some 80s new wave, or some hipster post-blog tunes
    You might forget what year it is otherwise

    So, it looks like Martin O'Donnell and Salvatori were employed by bungie, and not 343 or microsoft. SO, they're out. I heard several people say it was Danny Elfman but it's safe to say whoever is doing it has completely destoryed the Halo theme we've known and loved through 5 games, and now the supposed best game is lacking one of the greatest musical pieces ever. Though perhaps it was copyrighted to them, I'm not to say. I believe Halo should stay halo regardless. But dubstep is - and this is a fact - incompatible with Halo. Does it make it bad? No ! Not at all. Maybe as a standalone, but this is not some crazy rave with people wearing masks and making robot noises, this is Halo. and HALO should contain what it always has.

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