New Red Dawn Channels A Bit Of Homefront

New Red Dawn Channels A Bit Of Homefront

If you played Homefront, the new trailer for the remake of 1984’s Red Dawn is going to seem like déjà vu all over again.

When THQ’s ambitious but shallow 2011 first-person shooter first started its hype machine, the comparisons to the 1980s Cold War action movie rampant. Part of that is because the movie and the game shared the same core premise, where a foreign power invades and occupies American soil.


The two projects shared a creative contributor, too, in the form of John Milius, who wrote the screenplay for Red Dawn. Milius helped Kaos Studios shape the dramatic scenario for Homefront, which also had an ordinary town torn to shreds by the army of another country.


In Homefront, the invaders were from a unified Korean army. The villains in the new Red Dawn trailer are Korean, too, led by Will Yun Lee, who voices the lead character in the upcoming Sleeping Dogs game. The remake, like the game, has America invaded by the Koreans (who were, as with the game, supposed to be Chinese). The remake was in the works before the game, though.

Not surprisingly, you’ll see some motifs repeating in the trailers for Homefront and the new and old Red Dawn films. Armies marching down suburban streets, swarms of enemy aircraft hovering ominously overhead, a ragtag rebel force fighting back… all of those plot points get trotted out in game and movie teasers.

The new Red Dawn comes out in November. We’ll see if they go as far as Homefront did in its depiction of a US occupation.


  • Oh great, another generic action film with generic actors, shitty acting and a tool to be used as propaganda.

    This is why i’m glad pirating exists, because hollywood has turned to pure shit, they no longer deserve my cash. Same goes for the gaming industry.

  • North Korea invading America? It’s just such an unbelievable idea that I can’t begin to fathom it. To kill all the Americans? Use bombs. For resources, why? Invade Africa instead. It’s gonna be really hard to switch off my brain for this one…

  • Im just gonna put this out there:

    This movie was filmed THREE AND A HALF YEARS AGO. WAY before Hemsworth was actually famous.

    It was due for release two years ago, the main enemy was actually CHINA and RUSSIA in the movie. However, due to the studios wanting to release the movie in China, they took it off the market and digitally altered all the chinese flags in the movie to NORTH KOREAN flags. Now it is North Korea and Russia (later in the movie) involved in the invasion.

    This is *not* channeling Homefront. It’s just another situation like Judge Dredd vs The Raid. (Dredd actually written and filmed first, released later).

    • yeah too many people on the internet end up in the “SIMPSONS DID IT” southpark episode whenever anything slightly resembles something else.
      lets face it there is very little new under the sun, spend some time on (be warned, it makes you very aware of stock archetypes and cliches)
      Hopefully no one needs to point out the obvious parallels of red dawn and homefront with the American war of independence, militias et al

  • The US is probably the worst place to invade, partly because there’s about 89 firearms to every 100 citizens. Not including black market or military weapons.

    It has the 3rd largest population in the world with the most advanced military and conveniently decades of experience with both conventional and guerilla warfare.

    Good luck building up an invasion force and sending it across the pacific ocean without it being noticed and stopped in it’s tracks.

    • It also has the highest rate of obesity in the world compares to most other countries. So while your fat, overweight civvies are trying to tote around their handguns, I’ll put money on the fit, lithe asians invading, who spend their lives in compulsory military service from the age of 18 – 21 rather than someone who’s never truly handled a firearm.

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