The Newest Paper Mario Looks Awesome

Nintendo is putting a new spin on Paper Mario with its upcoming entry in the series, Paper Mario: Super Sticker. The game features sticker spin on the Paper Mario games, and players will be collecting stickers through out the game, which can even be used when battling enemies. The game will be out later this year.


    Awww shit... not another f**king sequel...
    Well, here comes another dissapointing generation of Nintendo consoles.

      That's your drama to deal with pal, I'll lately take a sequel to very franchise they have got. Starting with pikmin 3 o course!

      Yeah not another sequel!!
      Nintendo are the worst, better get back to Call of Duty 27.

      No seriously Nintendo have been making sequels since the SNES days, its what they do and they do it well. if you don't like it don't buy a console of theirs but you can hardly call a generation disappointing because the games no longer appeal to you. Just because you, as an individual, dont want 'another f**cking sequel' doesn't mean its bad for the community as a whole.

      You need to grind more and level up "trolling", mate; that was too generic and predictable.

      Seriously though, I have found Paper Mario updates to be surprisingly fresh and fun each time. I haven't bought a 3DS yet, but this could be the clincher!

      Hello Final Fantasy...ummmm...30 is it? Surely they have to be close to that.

      As much as I love new IP's, I always get excited to see Nintendo bring Mario and Zelda into the next generation. Sure it's not always a huge success, but they're still great games. Sony can give me all the new goodies, while Nintendo can keep taking me back to my childhood.

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