The Official Guild Wars 2 Mouse And Headset Are Freaking Adorable

The Official Guild Wars 2 Mouse And Headset Are Freaking Adorable

Guild Wars 2 launches in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow and I am almost completely prepared. I’ve got my collector’s edition. I’ve got my caffeine. I’ve got SteelSeries’ gorgeous mouse and headset combo. Let me tell you about those last two before performing an emergency formatting of my hard drive and then attempt to reinstall everything and download the client before servers open.

But Fahey, you have the collector’s edition! It has DVDs, and requires only a minimal download! That would be comforting indeed, only I removed my DVD drive earlier this year to make room for the empty space my DVD drive once occupied. As an added plus, I want to remove all the cluttered crap on my hard disk and the ill-advised preview copy of Windows 8, to ensure I have the smoothest experience possible.

So much doom. But hey, mouse and headset!

As you can see in the photo above, ArenaNet made choosing the colour scheme for the official Guild Wars 2 peripherals incredibly easy on SteelSeries. White, red and black, the colours of Captain America that one time he went rogue and they replaced him with the Super Patriot who then went crazy. The Captain, he called himself. He had nothing to do with Guild Wars 2.

These do. Let’s start with the ears.

The Guild Wars 2 Gaming Headset — $US99.99


It’s tiny, plastic-y, and rather fetching. In a world where black is the new black as far as gaming peripherals are concerned, the matte white of these ear dealios is incredibly striking.

The Guild Wars 2 Gaming Headset is actually a branded version of the SteelSeries Flux, a sexy new product that in its normal state is a highly customisable piece of high quality audio equipment. You can swap out coloured ear cushions and side plates. It’s got a removable audio cable that fits into either ear cup, which allows others to plug their own headset into yours to hear what you hear. You can even purchase an optional mobile cable to turn it into a Mac or phone headset.

The Guild Wars 2 version does all of this as well, so what you’re really purchasing is a Flux with red ear cushions and branded side panels. There is nothing wrong with this.

The sound is quite lovely, much more powerful than I would have expected from a smaller-sized device. The cloth SNDblock ear cushions help muffle the outside world while you game, though not so much that you’ll not hear your children fighting over bottles in the next room over. STOP IT, KIDS.

I fell in love with the Flux design the first time I saw it. To have one sporting Guild Wars 2 colours is just goodness on top of greatness. I’m not a big fan of the in-line mic, but then I’m not a big fan of talking to people I play MMO-type games with either.

Now for that pointy thing.

The Guild Wars 2 Gaming Mouse — $US69.99


I’ve pretty much reviewed this mouse before, only back then it was for Diablo III. You should read that.

Like its more demonic cousin, the Guild Wars 2 Gaming Mouse is a riff on one of SteelSeries’ most popular mice, the Sensei — specifically the Sensei Raw, if I am not mistaken. It’s a fine piece of pointing machinery from a company that realises that you don’t need 86 million CPI to play a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. 5,760 is more than enough to click anything’s arse Guild Wars 2 sends at you.

It’s got those seven programmable buttons, which can be configured to work together with your keyboard for maximum impressive complexity. You don’t need a lot of buttons for Guild Wars 2, so this sleek (and hey, ambidextrous) and sexy beast is plenty.

I’m also a big fan of the red rubber cable. I don’t know why. It just pleases me.

So yes, I am almost fully prepared. I’ve just got to create a bootable USB installation of Windows, delete everything I own, reinstall it all, and then download Guild Wars 2. I’m sure I’ll find plenty of time to curl up in a ball and cry while all of that’s going on.

See you in-game (eventually)!


  • Now you just have to try to dodge the Error Code: 42:0:9001:3927 that Guild Wars 2 will throw at you. Their servers are really getting hammered. 🙁

  • To be honest, this looks very poor, the headset is a nice color, and is cheap. But it also looks cheap, I hate headsets that sit on your ears rather than over them. The mouse is worthless, 2 side buttons, not even interested. Design of the mouse, simple and again it is cheap. They look fine, but not very functional.

  • I was interested until I saw SteelSeries. They did a mouse for world of warcraft(several, in fact) and the first one was a huge debacle – it was melting under the heat generated by your hands. Add paint peeling off, driver issues, buttons not working(apparently at one point, one of the button clicker bits wasn’t even on the device[rumour]) and terrible customer service. needless to say, not a good week for them. Future mice were met with much the same review, though to be fair most of the community that would buy one of these for wow, didn’t really bother with them so some of those reviews could of been fake.

    Could they have changed and actually work? Maybe, but I can’t see it.

  • To me, they look like ultra cheap plastic crap that you’ll see in the discounted bins for $5 down the track.

    “Freaking adorable” ? – Each to their own I suppose.

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