The PS3 And PS Vita Getting A Tamed Down Adult Tactics Game

Sexy war tactics game Eiyuu Senki (Heroine War Princess) was originally released as an 18-and-up PC game. Today, the game's developer revealed that it was being ported to the PS3 and the PS Vita. And yes, that's probably minus the original game's hardcore sex scenes.

The developer is also working on a social game as well as a PC game sequel, which probably will have adult content. So there you go!

英雄戦姫コンシューマ移植 [Twitpic]


    Why even bother porting it then...

    Looks like a decent strategy game though, going off that trailer. Shame it'll never be translated.

      Pff, screw tactics. I just wanna do anal and the Vita version won't let me. I say we call the Boycott Brigade in on this one.

      It's a fairly amusing SRPG..

      The "quirky" bit is each country's/area's representative is a "female" version of a famous person ie. China has Sun Tzu (an Int class of course =P), EU had Ceasar, Arthur and Rasputin (to name a few) and so on xD

      Apparently the PC version got some add'ons for additional girls =P

    This game wont serve any purpose.

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