The PS3 Version Of Skyrim Might Not Get Dawnguard's DLC At All

Guess I spoke too soon. I figured yesterday that Dawnguard, the Skyrim DLC that 360 and PC owners are enjoying, would some day come to the PS3. A day later, Bethesda doesn't sound so convinced.

A statement issued by the company this evening reads:

Earlier in the month, we provided an update on Dawnguard's status for PS3.

It's been a few weeks, and we wanted to make sure everyone knows where we're at with Dawnguard. Skyrim is a massive and dynamic game that requires a lot of resources, and things get much more complex when you're talking about sizable content like Dawnguard. We have tried a number of things, but none of them solve the issue enough to make Dawnguard good for everyone. The PS3 is a powerful system, and we're working hard to deliver the content you guys want. Dawnguard is obviously not the only DLC we've been working on either, so the issues of adding content get even more complicated. This is not a problem we're positive we can solve, but we are working together with Sony to try to bring you this content.

We wish we had a more definitive answer right now. We understand the frustration when the same content is not available on all platforms. When we have an update, we will certainly let you know. We deeply appreciate all the time and support you have given us, and we'll keep doing our best to return that.

I bolded that sentence for emphasis because that's the important bit. In a public statement Bethesda has basically admitted that, I'm assuming due to the core game's issues with the PS3, adding DLC on top of it and getting it to work is a lot harder than anybody first thought. Maybe even impossible.



    Your console is bad and you should feel bad!!!

    So I should never buy a Bethesda game for PS3 again in other words?

      How many more games do you think they are planning to release on PS3 with the PS4 coming (Supposedly) next year?

        I suppose a few, we don't know when the PS4 is being released, and we don't know how fast the market will adopt.

          I guess I'm just being too hopeful wishing the market would adopt quickly so we can get bigger games :D

          Playstation 3 has the power to last until about 2015, I doubt they will be releasing a Playstation 4 any time now. This was even said as well by the head of the Sony Entertainment.

            Yeah, it does, but only 3 or 4 devs actually use it properly :P

        Well, Dishonoured for a start...

          That is being made by Arkane Studios not Bethesda so it will probably work alright on the PS3.

      That's how I'm playing it

    I like how they wrote "The PS3 is a powerful system". It was a powerful system 6 years ago now its about as powerful as a high end phone.

      What phone are you talking about?

        I would say the Galaxy S3 is getting close to the PS3 in terms of gaming capability. It has a bit less CPU power but it has 8 times the ram which I think is what holds back the PS3 in most games.

          I'm actually posting from a SGS3 right now actually and I can guarantee you it has nowhere near as much graphical/processing power. More RAM, maybe, but an exponentially far less powerful CPU/GPU, and you must remember these smart phones run at far lower resolutions.

          Games typically look like shit also, I've never seen a game on android with graphics comparable to Uncharted 2.

            Its hard to compare phones directly because android devs write games for the lowest common denominator.

            Check out the PS Vita version of uncharted

            The PS Vita uses pretty much phone hardware so its easy to do a comparison to your phone.

            The Vita has the same CPU, a worse GPU and I would assume about the same amount of RAM. Your phone has a display of 720p just like the PS3 so I would say we are pretty close.

              It's one thing to say that phones have certain specs and can do gaming, but nobody can ever show me. I've played the "best looking" android games and never once felt that my older consoles couldn't do far better. I've never seen a single phone game anywhere near on par with ps3. The poly count is lower, the texture resolution is lower, the shaders and effects are simpler. Where is the crysis of phone games? Where is that one game that only exists so that you can ogle at high detail foilage?
              Show me one phone game anywhere near the fidelity of a 6 year old console and I will bow my head in defeat. Show me the pinnacle of current phone specs.

                I didn't realize we were debating games, I thought we were talking about the power of the system.

                Remember the part when the guy said "The PS3 is powerful"? I own a PS3 and an Xbox and I still play them to this day however they are far from still being powerful.

                  If they're not powerful, then how come ALL of their games look better than phone games?

                  Powerful is relative, if they can run the best games with the best looking graphics, then they're more powerful than phones. Doesn't matter if phones have better specs, if you can't use them properly then they're not as powerful.

                  Phone debaters are stupid.

                  I'm not specifically asking for games, just proof to backup your claims of phone power in comparison to ps3, and the only way you can show that is with graphical power; typically a game.

                exactly. specs are one thing, but in no way can any mobile device compete with the grunt of a ps3 or xbox360 for that matter. If they could, consoles would be physically a lot smaller, with much less power consumption.

          I highly doubt that a Galaxy S3 is getting close to the Playstation 3.

          Either the location of the specifications you are getting are incorrect, or being over exaggerated.

    Don't want to sound like a typical PC master race guy but....
    Why would you ever buy a Bethesda game for console, you're pretty much giving up 90% of the content:/
    My condolences to the PS3 guys.

      and you can get them to run on some pretty low-end systems, won't look great but at least it'll run

      does the ps3 version still suffers from performance issues? coz if it did i'd be totally hating on them

        Not as of the most recent patch, no.

      I prefer console controls. I did end up getting Skyrim on PC though with a PS3 controller plugged in...

      My computer was getting old so I had to get it for a console. When I went to EB they had sold out of 360 Collectors Editions so I ordered the CE for PS3. Those are my reasons.
      But I finally upgraded my PC last week so I'll probably grab a copy next time I see it going cheap for all the mod-ly goodness.

    Bethesda should never have started developing games for the PS3 in the first place if they're too incompetent to be able to keep the game stable. I can't believe they actually sell such piece of shit products at full price.

      Ur a genius.

    I think by "the PS3 is a poweful system" they mean it's a bitch to write code for, actually.

    And I wouldn't say 'at all' - there's no definitive answer either way... They clearly understand the frustrations involved in their ps3 community completely missing out; as said, they are working with Sony, it's just proving difficult. Do your research before you post, bloke; or at least read the article you're quoting :/

      Sloppy coding would be a co-culprit. It's been established that the PS3 can produce very sleek optimised visuals if the devs actually bother to code properly. Fallout NV crashed/locked up with high level saves. Skyrim did a similar thing until they bothered to fix it. They said it was a new engine for Skyrim but it's obvious that it's just a modified version of an older engine thus the inherited flaws.

        It's also been well-established that the ps3 is a pain in the arse to develop titles on; thus it is often suggested that if something be multi-platform, development should be lead on the ps3, where it will easily run on anything else. It's not sloppy coding that is at fault in this scenario, but rather that development for the ps3 takes a far greater amount of effort (for no good reason).

        It's the engine, Gamebryo is incredibly badly written on the code side of things and the Creation Engine is just as bad considering it's an upgraded Gamebryo, rather than a new engine like Bethesda claims. That coupled with the way the PS3's memory works you have some pretty big problems. I get all Bethesda's games for PC for various reasons but even those versions can have serious problem so here's to hoping that a different engine is used for Fallout 4, although that probably won't happen.

          Oh, no doubt - Bethesda's engine is still just as buggy as it has been throughout many releases; was just saying, it cannot help in the slightest that they have to couple this with the ps3's finnicky, annoying architecture :P

    I feel sorry for Bethesda, not PS3 users. Yeah it sucks for them, but the amount of hate Bethesda cops for not being able to develop something for a console they don't even have any real expertise in developing for is ridiculous.

    I understand that the PS3 users are annoyed, I mean, I was pissed off when I was waiting for the PC version, but honestly, they should be grateful they have a PS3 version of the game at all.

      This is like the reverse of what happened with DarkSouls, From software got on the PC and were like I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING and Bethesda did the same on the PS3.

      I know Bethesday didn't say that they have no idea but it is pretty obvious :p

      This is just stupidity. People should be grateful that they paid upwards of 60 of their hard earned dollars on a piece of shit that doesn't work properly?

      Next time you spend money on something and it doesn't work, don't get angry. Instead, just be grateful that you were able to get it in the first place.


        Who's the idiot? You got what you paid for. You're demanding for something that you haven't yet paid for. They've given you all they're obliged to give you. Sure, they haven't patched the game, but they weren't obliged to do that either. You were advertised Skyrim. You got Skyrim, bugs or no bugs. Standard business principal.

        Yes, it sucks for you and your PS3 buddies, but from a logical standpoint, Bethesda don't owe you anything at all.

          I think if they chose to make a game for the PS3 then they are obligated to give us a game that works as advertised. Bugs exist in these types of games, sure, but frame rate dips and huge performance issues, game save issues, are intolerable. Especially when Skyrim works for 360.

          People asked for a PS3 port. They didn't ask for a broken game. If they didn't think they could deliver that, then there should have been a press release explaining why they weren't making it.

            Technically you did get what you paid for. You paid for Skyrim. You got Skyrim. It's still the open world RPG that it was advertised to be, whether or not it's buggy, it's still the game it was advertised as. They're technically not obliged to support it any further than that.

            Oh, and why does it work for 360? Because Bethesda games are generally built for PC and 360. You know they have a track record of shit PS3 ports, that's been plainly obvious since they released Oblivion for it. Maybe it's not their fault if you bought Skyrim for a platform they begrudgingly develop it for, if you'd just looked at their past releases on PS3 and put two and two together you wouldn't be dealing with this problem.

            If you don't have one of the other platforms, sure, you may not have a game at all, but that's better than being ripped off, right?

    I bet MS are glad they paid Bethesda off for timed DLC exclusivity. What an absolute cluster f*ck this has turned out to be. The collateral damage to Bethesda and Sony has gotta hurt a little I reckon...

    I think this had a lot to do with dlc exclusivity, if they had said "p'off ms, stop being a whiny lil' bastard" they would have been able to focus on all areas

    >Buying Bathesda games on anything other than PC?
    People actually still do this?

      Pc snob

        Don't be too upset, buddy. After all, it was your decision to buy the console, not anyone else's.

          Pc games for the PC, console games for the consoles. Skyrim is a PC game.
          There is a big difference between the two types and commonly run afoul when they try and cross over. It is an accepted fact.

    Should read...
    We looked at how much it costs to fix out shitty coding. Compared it to possible sales revenue and its just not worth it for us to do it.

    Bethesda has to be the most incompetent game developer I've heard of.

    So is this likely to affect ALL Skyrim DLC? Or just Dawnguard?

    Maybe I shouldn't bother waiting for the GOTY edition after all... sounds like it'll be much the same as the regular edition :P

      Was in the same boat as you - was going to wait for GOTY edition

      Seems like a waste now.. I think Ill be buying a cheap second hand version instead

    Besides all the PS3 bugs, Id suspect this has something to do with the ridiculous costs sony slaps devs with for DLC content, From memory they charge devs cost per download and this is partially why DLC for ps3 games was or still is alot less than the 360.

    Unless this of course has all changed in the last few years?

      Apart from this one, which other multiplatform games have had less DLC on PS3 than the 360 versions?

        Dungeon defenders? Or did ps3 catch up?
        Either way, I'm pretty sure any dlc fee (if any) is very similar on both systems. I know the fee to issue a patch on either ps3/360 is around $50k

    my reaction to this...

    Anyone else remember doing programing courses? not everyone is good at what they do, some merely just pass. Bethesda is like that, some devs can, some devs can't, and the ps3 highlighted their programming weaknesses, while others have made competent ports.

    People actually bought this game on console? Wow. I feel sorry for you people. I don't know what i'd do without SkyUI and the countless other great mods.

    So console players get:

    -Bad controls
    -No mod support
    -And now not even official DLC?

    Remind me again why anyone who knows anything about gaming chooses to game on a console?

    What. The. Fuck.

    The reason Skyrim and its DLC is an issue on the PS3 isn't a lazy Bethesda (well they should be using a new engine like everyone else) or bad console design by Sony.
    It is the fact that the Skyrim engine is the same engine from several Elder Scrolls games earlier that they keep retrofitting and patching. Now with the PS3 being very unique (Xbox 1 and 360 are very PC based) they have managed to do the game well enough on Xbox and PC but have a hard time porting it to PS3.
    More recent game engines have been designed with PS3 and Xbox in mind from the ground up hence why Naught Dog and Sony Santa Monica can make a game that makes the PS3 hardware sing aswell as other devs like Ubisoft Montreal making cross platform games.
    My point is the near sighted Bethesda has screwed PS3 so you should not buy there game AT ALL if they don't support your platform of choice. Buying on PC or Xbox when you want a PS3 version that works will make the bean counters see high sales on non PS3 and low on PS3 and thing there is no market rather than "oh yeah we should make a working PS3 game so they buy it on that INSTEAD".

    Writing software for a locked down, underpowered-compared-to-pc-counterpart box is hard. News at 11.

    I have both consoles. All I will say is this.

    Amazing 1st party games have appeared on the PS3, because the developers aren't lazy technophobic twats who can't be bothered learning how to code for something other than the generic PC-based-hardware. If some people seriously think their phones are as powerful as the PS3, I weep for humanity.

    Start getting with the times and learn how to code for completely different hardware. It's not the console, it's the developers. What one developer can do, another can do.

    Plain and simple ps3 SUCKS! Anyone who own one should be ashamed!

      I own all consoles and will never be ashamed of anything that I enjoy playing.

    Solution. Don't buy a PS3.

    I own one but that's only because I wanted a Blu Ray player and it was $40 more for a PS3 at the time.

    Trolls. Trolls everywhere.


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