The Queen Of Pokémon Will Gross You Out. Again.

Like clockwork, every summer in Japan, you can hear cicada, or "semi" (セミ), throughout the country. That buzzing cry is something that people instantly associate with the season. And like clockwork, idol Shoko Nakagawa is back this August with more stomach-churning cicada photos. Yay?

See Nakagawa, who is Japan's queen of Pokémon, collects cicada skins — and puts them in her hair. And then, she takes photos of the ensuing chaos and puts them on the internet to horrify us all.

残暑お見舞い申しあげマミタス [しょこたん ぶろぐ]

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    Kinda not shocking at all anymore.

    Does she do anything else, or is this it..?

    She's really trying hard to remain in the spotlight, eh?

    She's going to have kick it up a notch and get some live bugs, otherwise 'yaaaawn.'

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