The Redlynx Pilgrimage

The Redlynx Pilgrimage

Hi, My name is FatShady and I’ve been a Kotaku AU since approximately 1BS (one year Before Serrels). Those who know me also know that I occasionally play the XBLA game Trials by Finnish game developer and Ubisoft Studio Redlynx. I’m just an Aussie gamer who spends his spare (read: work) time on blogs like this and day dreaming about gaming. I have no industry knowledge and no particular talents, but somehow my story over little more than a year has included writing a number of articles for Kotaku, appearances on ABC’s Good Game, which ultimately lead me to realise a dream of mine — traveling half way round the world to Finland and to meet my favourite game developer.

To commemorate this visit, and to launch Season 2 of Redlynx TV, The guys put together this video. It not only highlights my visit, but also some of the amazing tracks and, also, the introduction of the True Fan award (you’ll have to watch to see who won that!)


“A pilgrimage is a journey or search of spiritual significance. Typically, it is a journey to a location of importance.” (Thanks Wikipedia)

I refer to this as FatShady’s Pilgrimage because that is what it was to me. A 15,000km trip that took more than 28 hours to complete, and that was just getting there!

I’ve been a regular on the Official Redlynx forums since 2009 and while I initially just wanted to find gamer who were as crazy about Trials as I was, I stuck around because of the community that was built around a loyal fan-base, and regular contributions from the development team. I’m not talking one person employed as a Community Manger (although that guy is nice too!) It seems like the entire development staff were regularly on the forums and getting involved in any number of conversations. It just feels like a great bunch of guys who really care about their fans.

Regulars on Kotaku may recall that I was involved in exposing the Trials HD Riddle seeking assistance from all of you. That proved to be a good move as it helped us get the word out and eventually, with a little coaching from the Redlynx Developers and some truly hard work by the Redlynx Forum members, we were able to reveal the answer to this riddle. Now I am not sure why I put my hand up for this, but I offered to the Redlynx guys that I would produce a video to reveal the answer. I can honestly say I am self taught in this stuff and I had only learnt video editing about six months earlier — for a Kotaku Comp actually.

Its worth reminding everyone of this — one of the best comps that we have had on this site! It was this competition that inspired me to learn video editing over a four day period and I’m so glad I did. So, with no experience and literally no idea what I was getting myself into, I made the video featured here revealing the answer to the Riddle.

During the development of this video and as we were getting close to releasing it, The CEO of Redlynx, Tero Virtala contacted me and invited me to Finland to visit their offices in Helsinki and to attend the Official Trials Evolution Launch Party.

You have to remember that while I have spoken to many of these guys on forums, I had only seen a few pictures of a couple of them. I was also not even sure if they spoke English and it wasn’t until I arrived at the door of the office that I had even thought of this. I was a long way from home and didn’t actually know anyone… and I had just turned up at their work! Thankfully, they all turned out to be a very warm and welcoming bunch and I felt right at home. Part of the relaxed atmosphere had to do with the lack of shoes.

I can’t say that I’ve never walked into a business of any kind and immediately been asked to remove my shoes but it was actually cool. I’m thinking of trying to bring this in at my workplace. I’ll try it and let you know how it catches on. It was a really relaxed atmosphere and the offices were exactly what I expected.

If you were ever looking for evidence that the community is at the front of every bodies mind, right at the front enterence way, there is a table dedicated to The Trials Community and awards. There are items here from a wide range of events/occasions from the life of Trials HD, including the awesome custom painted controller that ShiftySamurai painted for the games second birthday.

The Redlynx Pilgrimage

The next thing that immediately strikes you as odd (but it does seem to fit in once you get to know them) is the wrestling mat. Now this isn’t tucked away in a hidden part of the studio, this is located on the side of the main hallway, right in the middle of the office.

The Redlynx Pilgrimage

Just one word of warning, if you ever enter an office that has a wrestling mat, don’t be stupid enough to ask if they actually use it… doesn’t end well!

The Redlynx Pilgrimage

Yep, that’s Antti (Creative Director and strongman) showing me how it’s done. After thoroughly beating me up, they decided to give me a short tour round the office. It was actually a small office because Redlynx is a small company and as you can see, they were all packed into the offices pretty tight.

The Redlynx Pilgrimage

The funny thing about this photo was my competition with Ville the whole time I was there. He is amazingly good at supercross and basically unbeatable, however in this photo, I was winning and by a fair amount. You can tell by the look on my face (I’m the dude on the left) that I was happy. So to show off, I decided to bail out to win the race, only to faceplant on the finish line and have Ville win that one too!

So, as a way to say thanks, I decided to bring some good old fashioned Aussie food for the team to try. Aussies will immediately get what all of this food is, but the Finnish team had no idea. Needless to say that the team didn’t go hungry and Antti got his wish of eating a Koala.

The Redlynx Pilgrimage

It was an amazing journey that I will never forget and to make sure, I got myself a pretty cool souvenir, a Trials Evolution flag signed by the entire development team.

The Redlynx Pilgrimage

Getting to meet these guys was a fantastic feeling. Everyone in the office, from the CEO to Manu (Antti’s dog and actual full time employee) were so great to me and just made me feel like part of the team. I’m not sure what impression I left on them or what they thought of this Aussie bloke wandering around their office when they were trying to work, but I will seriously never forget it. I was proud to be part of this community before this. After this experience, I will be a Trials and Redlynx fan for life.

If you are looking for any information on the Trials Evolution Launch party, here is a link to my write up on the Redlynx Forums. The images and video are far from professional quality and I don’t remember all that much apart from walking around Helsinki lost at 3am with Maccas in hand, but it was a great night!

My gamertag is ‘FatShady Live’ so if you ever see me online or on the forums, say hi and I will be more than happy to chat about this with anyone.

I will however conclude with a MASSIVE thanks to the Kotaku Australia readers and in particular Mark. I know you will disagree but without you NONE of this would have been possible. Yeah, I did the work, but it was the Kotaku competition that got me into video editing, our conversation about Trials and your love of the game that inspired me to write the initial article and your ongoing support and assistance just kept me going. It was great to know that I would always find an audience of willing readers here and it’s the reason I keep coming back. Thanks to everyone and hope you enjoyed that little sneak peak into the Red Lynx HQ.


  • Nice article FatShady and I totally accept the use of the term BS(before Serrels) as an indicator of time

  • Thanks for the write-up, man. Sounds like an awesome trip. I’d love to visit Double Fine or Naughty Dog one day and can only imagine the amounts of fanboy-ism I’d have to bury beneath the surface. You did well!

    • Not really, I didn’t bury my fan-boyism that well at all. Kinda an uncomfortable mix of happiness and strange, almost stalker like affection for other grown men! Honestly it was a strange time for everyone. It kinda hit when sitting at one of the desks surrounded by dudes who were working and I realised, imagine if someone came to my work because they really liked what I did for a job. It would be an odd thing. But I didn’t care, Once in a lifetime occurance for sure. thanks

  • FatShady, I have been extremely bored at work today and read a tonne of stuff from here, news sites and a few other places and this was the best thing I’ve read today. Congrats dude, seems you had a lot of fun.

    • Thanks man that means a lot. I have gone on about this so damn much I was more expecting comments like Flu’s above telling me its over so stop posting about it.. but this was worth it I think as it was a really cool insight into their lives. There was a bunch of stuff that was cut out also, like Antti opening his 6th floor office window and playing the trumpet, explaining thats how he starts his days.. bunch of crazy guys.

        • Can’t watch the link at work but you are referring to the ending of Babe right.. yeah I totally got that joke and LOL’d more than I should have… I was just using that joke to highlight that point above.. however I gave no indication of that on here… oops.! I am still learning the internetz

    • Gosh, look at Shady. Freaking out over being in Finland. Freaking out over visiting RedLynx.

      No mention of nearly being run down by a Trials motorcycle.

    • I started watching a few “Let’s Plays” recently and in every Trials one I watched, they were all Community tracks. Watching the video and seeing how great the Community tracks are makes me regret not playing many of them. Good thing RedLynx are bloody awesome and Silver/Free members can download them!

      • I have tried to get a YT series going where I highlight comminity tracks – Today in Track Central. It’s not that good but you might get to see something you want to ride.

        Community tracks are amazing and there is a feed of new stuff all the time. It’s like getting free DLC every day. Seriously you have to check it out.

  • 42 was not the answer to the question of life the universe and well everything. But great work anyway. The actual question was not known – that is why the earth was created.

  • Love it brother, so glad you had a good time. It’s honestly awesome that things like this happen and it’s even better when it happens to a supremely good dude.

  • You read my comments on twitter, but this is just awesome 🙂 Watching your vid yesterday was a laugh riot 🙂
    I’m so ashamed though. I still haven’t bought trials yet. Only time I’ve ever even played it, was at Trjn’s meat. I really wanna give it a try, and I even have enough points.. I’m just too damn lazy to get up and walk over the the xbox to do it :0

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