The Secret World Unveils An Ambitious Plan To Beautify New York City

Though The Secret World has gotten off to a stumbling start, Funcom continues to aggressively roll out fresh new content, like the August 28 release of Issue 2: Digging Deeper and the promised New York City raid, which in the next few months will give the city a real reason to never sleep.

I'd say this is a marked improvement on the current real-world location, wouldn't you? More rubble to stand atop, giant tentacle monsters being fired on by military helicopters. This is the New York City I fell in love with as a child — the city constantly under attack by flesh-craving monsters.

While we wait for the game's first raid, August 28 sees the release of the game's second monthly update. Issue 2: Digging Deeper brings a slew of new quest content, the ability to undergo cosmetic surgery and the introduction of auxiliary weapons, in this case a bazooka.

Auxiliary weapons will have seven different skills, located in an additional outer circle being added to the game's ability wheel. An eight hotbar slot will be added to accommodate the new gear. Mmmm, three weapons.

Looks like I'll let my subscription fee be taken out of my PayPal account for another month!


    I am just about to hit Transylvania. Looking forward to it and this

    Looks great, can't wait. I've made my way through most of the content that's available, with only some of the later quests in Transylvania that are nigh impossible to solo without purple gear left to do. I'm not sure what is left for me beyond that though- I'm not into pvp. I guess there's the nightmare level dungeons to get that purple gear, but that also seems very elitist to get into.
    I guess coming from City of Heroes, which is now a very mature MMO with probably more end game content than pre-end game, I need to give it a similar amount of time to mature and find things to do.

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