The Ultimate Batman Action Figure Is This 18-Inch Dark Knight

When you spend over $400 on an action figure - that's right, this is a posable figure, not a statue - you expect a certain level of "wow". I'm not sure this Batman figure delivers $US400 worth of wow, but it sure does come close.

Standing an enormous 18 inches tall, the Hot Toys figure will be out in 2013, so you've got time to save up for it.

The figure includes everything except a highly-detailed, miniature kitchen sink. There are three heads, one of which has moving eyeballs and another which has light-up eyes. There are also three faces, each with a different expression.

There's three sets of interchangeable hands, a flight pack, a cape, grapnel gun, sticky bomb gun, EMP gun, three batarangs....yeah, you get the idea.


    Well it certainly looks like Christian Bale.

    Why would I want to buy this when I've got Batman in my basement?

      So he can play with something if he gets bored.

      Great animated series reference there.

    Bit of Shop and that Christian Bale would look real...

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