The Upcoming Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Title Will Be Revealed Next Month

The Upcoming Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Title Will Be Revealed Next Month

As previously hinted, Square Enix will be revealing the latest entry in its Final Fantasy XIII “Lightning Saga” at the upcoming Final Fantasy anniversary event in Tokyo’s Shibuya on September 1.

Square Enix’s Yoshinori Kitase confirmed to Famitsu that work on the latest entry in the Lightning Saga has “just begun”. At the Final Fantasy event, the game’s official title will also be revealed. So, Final Fantasy XIII-3: Lightning’s Saga?

スクエニ北瀬氏「FFXIIIプロジェクトの新展開”ライトニングサーガ”は走り始めたばかり」 [ゲーム情報!ゲームのはなし]


      • I thought XII was decent. It wasn’t as good as the ones on the PS1, but I enjoyed playing it. The gambit system was quite well done.

        XIII on the other hand.. I had high hopes for it, and bought it on day one. The linearity drove me crazy. Where’s the world map? How can I explore new towns? Where’s the weapon and armor shop? You literally can progress through the game with the first weapon you get.

        • Yeah, I agree. My first attempt at XII was ruined by my inability to process the change. I actually got into it a few years ago, it was awesome! I liked many of the characters (not Vaan), it had great style and I enjoyed the combat heaps by the end. I’ve played almost every FF game for ages, MMO’s excluded, I’ll buy this too, even after the last two.

  • I know I didn’t ask for this from Santa. Also, wasn’t the release of FF13-2 not that big of a hit? I remember vanilla 13 it did “ok”, but not good enough for how much time and many delays later. Or is it they just really want to milk the engine for all it’s worth? Oh well, I guess Square Enix doesn’t have any big hit titles now of days. I miss you Squaresoft, May you rest in peace. =(

    • Pretty sure DLC sales on XIII-2 have been good enough to make up for slightly reduced sales of the game itself. My understanding is both XIII and XIII-2 have made a good profit for the company. I don’t think it matters how many negative comments are made on forums or sites like Kotaku – if the balance sheet says the game is successful then SE will ignore the ‘noisy minority’.

      • I only bought one DLC, the Lightning strike one. Putting aside that my characters struggled in the arena match pretty much until the game was over, I must have done that fight a dozen times, if not more and not unlocked either character. Waste of my money.

  • Oh well since everyone else posted their obligatory negative comments I’ll post my obligatory positive ones:

    I thoroughly enjoyed XIII,

    XIII-2 is one of my favourite games of this generation, and I’m still playing it now (well last night actually),

    I will buy XIII-3 based on my love of the previous games in the series. I expect I’ll really enjoy it too. I won’t be the only one 🙂

    • I will join in your chorus of positivity, XIII-2 was the first game I bought DLC on just because I wanted more. I found the story’s conclusion thoroughly gripping, and look forward to the next entry.
      XIII was a crafted experience, XIII-2 was a beautiful interconnected web.

  • This proves yet again how irrelevant square enix has become. Poor sales & reviews of the 13 series & yet they still keep pushing them out. While Versus13 remains vapouware. Bizarre choices thy name is Square Enix.

  • Awesome the FFXII is the best FF i have ever played and the lightning saga is amazing so far can’t wait for this to come out.

    @pavelf Versus13 has been stated as going ahead one of the other articles on kotaku about a week ago said that they just had a meeting on it so the game is still very much being made.

  • For me 13 is similar to 10. The gameplay is sufficient but nothing to write home about, but the story pulled me on and made me want to complete it. 13-2 the story was a bit weaker, the gameplay a bit better but I thoroughly look forward to 13-3 or Lightning Cubed or whatever they decide to call it.

  • “Man, I can’t wait to delve deeper within the story of Lightning and Co!” – Said nobody, ever.

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