The Wonderful World Of Custom Sculptures

At the recent Wonder Festival in Japan, there was an array of figures. Heck, there was even fake food. There were also peculiar — odd, even — custom sculptures that were both strange and totally wonderful. Ever wanted to see miniature teeth and gums? Here ya go.

Stereotypically, custom sculptures in Japan often refer to sexually explicit works. Sure, those do exist, but there are also figure creators who simply want to explore the unusual or even the banal — often choosing to do so in miniature.

There's a long, proud history of miniature in Japanese art and society, and these craftsmen are making their contribution in small (forgive the pun) and unusual ways.

The sculptures range from Chinese cookery for action figures, to a miniature, running train in a matchbox. There's even a lovely Amaterasu from Okami.

スマートフォン用アホ毛など、一般にはまず入手不可能なWF2012[夏] [Akiba Blog]


    Day of the Jackal sniper rifle want!

    That third one is from Steins;Gate right? It looks so bad it's good...

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