The World Ends With You Countdown Leads To $21 iOS Port

A rogue online store listing last week has led Square Enix to confirm that The World Ends With You-Solo Remix will be released for iOS devices. The game goes on sale tomorrow, and here is its launch trailer.

The game isn't gonna be cheap: the iPhone version is $18.99, and the iPad version will run $20.99. More details are at the game's official page, now that the big countdown is over.


    So it's just a stupid iOS port - how utterly disappointing :(

      It's not a port - Solo Remix - if you watch the trailer it has different gameplay. Also - This time its in Japanese instead of English. (Last time i played it was in English)

        "This time its in Japanese instead of English. (Last time i played it was in English)"

        Lol, it's called localisation.

    Why can't Square Enix ever release the games as an all in one game? Having to buy an iPhone or iPad version instead of a combined version is just sad.

      Because Square Enix love money. . .

      As much as I believe $19.00 for an iPhone game is a rip off, sadly there will be people out there that will buy both the iPhone and iPad versions. . . which mean Square-Enix will get near $40 from some people

      The sad thing is that I can't access the soundtrack...

    It'd almost be worth it just to get the better quality game music because the soundtracks' awesome, but the DS's sound is crap.

    There must be some pretty severe gameplay changes to fit on one screen instead of the concurrent top and bottom screen battles on the DS.

    I'm not gonna get it but I think it's an awesome idea. The more people playing TWEWY the better.

    I can't believe Square got all the TWEWY fans worked up for a week over the timer and it was just for a iOS port. Should have just announced the port instead of letting people get excited over nothing.

      I'll actually be able to finish it - i was nerver able to really use the top screen as well as bottom, so I can get all the achievements and then actually get all of the secret items to unlock the other story points. so yay!

        There was only 1 other story point from doing the side missions. And that was the extra ending scene (that sucked).

          Still - I only ever played on medium. I didn't really like the whole top screen that much - I think it'd actually work better on just the one screen!

    I'm hoping they use this to build up some more name recognition for TWEWY, and if it sells well enough, they'll look into a sequel on DS/3DS.

    Awesome! I've always wanted to play this, but I just cant justify buying a dedicated handheld console this generation (or last, for that matter). 20 bucks for a (hopefully) good game though, not a prob.

      I picked up a brand new copy on DS for $10 when my previous cart went missing. Far cheaper than the iOS versions. You can get a second hand DS pretty cheap too - for a game hat had a very unique gameplay system I'm still trying to figure how it's going to hold up..

      Yeah thats the only thing I was wondering, how the different inputs changes the experience from a game so clearly designed for the original system it was designed for. Might suss it out, but I know it'll look so much nicer on a iPhone screen and Im more likely to play it since I wont lug around a DS with me. Hmm decisions decisions

    But the game was amazing (apart from great story/music/gameplay) because of how unique the dual screen mechanic was. You're not swapping between two completely different and alien control schemes here, a shitload of the appeal is gone.

      Second that. I also dont see how fat fingers will work as well as a stylus in the hectic moments

    The iPad version is out on the app store right now

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      It was originally $70.

      And KH screwed up the lore so much. It made zero sense. Neku knows who Joshua is, and yet Shiki is still his partner..? And why did they have to be in the same dimension to fight together? It would have made a tonne more sense if they fought by being in different dimensions, because that's how the game worked! And Neku's personality was all over the place. That part was written by idiots.

    Ahahah $21 port and they didn't even bother making it a Universal app so you'd need to purchase it twice if you want an iPad and iPhone version. And here I thought they were greedy and lazy enough with that terrible $30 episodic 'Final Fantasy.' Is George Lucas on their board or something?

    People still have the mindset that an app has to be a couple of bucks, regardless of quality, or forget it. Don't be a cheap ass.

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