There Are Four Glorious Gaming Tees That Need Your Money Today

Thanks to Tee Magnet, we have a pretty nifty roundup of awesome t-shirts awaiting your credit card numbers. Four of those are gaming related. Four of those are awesome. Four of those need your attention.

Check them out above and below, and make your choice(s) wisely.

Imperial Damacy [TeeFury] Occupied [Shirt Woot!] OOOOOOH! [Qwertee] Rapture [The Yetee]



    I am sad i missed the Calvin and Hobbes/ Ryu and Sagat(?) Crossover shirty two days ago.

    ShirtWoot shirts are $12 with free shipping?!
    Dayum I might have to pick some up at that price.
    Also that shirt wins because pugs.

      I would love to see a follow up shirt where the pug is walking away smiling (relieved) while the plant is screaming "I'M BURNING!".

      And yes, I have it in for those pests since they kept popping up on me at the worst moment in Mario Brothers.

    Except three of the four (and in fact one already) are only available for twenty-four hours…

    Meh ... you can't go past one of these

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