There Are Now 1 Million People Playing DayZ

So that DayZ thing is pretty popular huh? According to the official site, the amount of unique players has just ticked over 1,000,000. To celebrate, we thought we'd round up some of our favourite DayZ videos so far.

It's almost as though DayZ is the new Minecraft. I'm sure we'll get tired of watching/reading/talking about this game at some point, but for now, here are some of our favourites.

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    I played it... Got bored very quickly. Zombie AI is too aggressive and moves at twice the speed you do.

      That is why you sprint. You sprint at the same speed they run. Also it's about as aggressive as Left4Dead..
      Started playing the other night and having lots of terrified fun so far.

      No they don't you can easily outrun zombies. They move at the same speed as you. And knowing that the AI is stupid if you zig zag up hills they try to run directly at you which slows them down since you cant run up inclines

      if zombies are running 2 times faster than you it means your walking.

      The zombies are pretty much perfect. You can be lying down in the middle of a field with no visibility and they will walk over you. If they are too agressive as you put it it means your moving around fully erect thus extremely visible and noisy and most likely running around on roads and the like which basically double the amount of noise you make.

      Currently though there is an issue in that at the higher end of the game there isn't a hell of a lot to do other than mow down zombies or murder newbies.

    Wow, wasn't there a similar story saying they were up to 500K only a few weeks ago? That's a dramatic increase.

      It looks like heaps of people picked Arma II up in the Steam sales.

      Pretty impressive numbers!

    Whilst I agree some zombie tweaks in patches can allow them to be super sensitive to sound and sight, the zombies will only ever run at your top speed.
    I suggest to anyone looking to play maybe go through the ARMA tutorials before jumping straight into DayZ. And for future, double tap forward to run at top speed, and also running through buildings helps, as the zombies only walk through buildings.
    As always..this is an Alpha, there is a long way to go.

      double tapping 'w' doesn't make you run any faster as you are already running as fast as you will go when you are running normally. Also, so long as you keep running, the zombies will never get close enough to hit you.

        I think he's specifying the difference between jogging and sprinting.

          yeah, he's just saying that theres no difference between jogging and sprinting in this game. And there isnt. you move at the exact same speed either way.

    Sprinting through the woods!
    He'll heal you when you're sick,
    Even in the city's hoods!

    Half of them are probably hackers. >_>

    It's good than an Alpha build is getting this much attention.
    Can't wait to see what this plays like when it's in Beta, or when it's in ARMA3

    Now i just wish they would put up some more Australian servers :(

      there are enough ANZ and AU servers currently.

      I've been playing on ANZ 1, 2, 4, 5 and AU 1, 4 usually a ping under 40ms

      rad game ;)

        When a group of six or so of us want to play we have to join US servers as the Aus servers are almost always at cap each night.

          thats because its probably peak. maybe create your own if you are really having problems.

    played it, got the best gear, bored

      start hunting people and group up with friends.

    I have the worst luck in this game. I can never find anything except empty cans off food. Pretty remarkable numbers for a game still in Alpha.

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