There Once Was A Time Grand Theft Auto Wasn't Quite So "Cool"

These days, Rockstar are known as a publisher with a reputation for very slick marketing, especially when it comes to their flagship series, Grand Theft Auto.

Things weren't always as "cool", though. As this advertisement from 1997, for the very first game in the series, shows. Run before Rockstar was even known as Rockstar, it's...look, it's not pretty, for the developers, the publisher, the game or anyone who drew breath in the 1990s.

GTA [VGJunk]

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    Lovin the jeans

    Third guy from the left has worryingly small hands...

    The logo is gorgeous. I'm trying to remember what movie title it's reminiscent of. LA Confidential?

    I'm pretty sure at least some of those 'models' were supposed to resemble the different choices that were available for player characters. I can't remember who I used to pick all the time... spent so much more time playing GTA2 when it came out.

      GTA2 was one of those 'next gen' moments for me. Just the first time you step into the game after being used to the average graphics of GTA1. Wow. I played 1, 2 and 3 way more than anything after them.

    the 90s in itself was an uncool era. This would have got me to buy the game.

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