There Was A Ton Of Stuff Cut From Fallout: New Vegas That You Can Play Right Now

When Obsidian took over from BioWare to develop Knights of the Old Republic II, the game was famously (and forcibly, by Lucasarts) shipped "incomplete". Only when modders reinstated a bunch of cut content could we enjoy the full experience the developers had planned for the game.

Much the same happened when the studio took over from Bethesda to handle Fallout 3's follow-up, New Vegas. While nowhere near as critical to the user's enjoyment of the title - KOTOR II's biggest cuts were literally at the end of the game - there's still a bunch of stuff floating around as stray code on the disc that never made it into the finished product.

Modders have been picking at the edges of this for a while now, but this week a user by the name of Moburma collected it all in one spot, outlining where the cuts were made and what they consisted of. Even better, he's made most of them available for download as mods, meaning you can slide them in and enjoy what's basically a director's cut of the game.

Fallout New Vegas Cut Stuff [Cutting Room Floor]

moburma80 [New Vegas Nexus]


    I love Obsidian, probably my vote for most underrated developer of this generation.

      2nd that, Bioware is great at making a game look great but Obsidian knows how to make a game come to life with a great story.

        As long as it isn't their own IP.

        Dungeon Siege 3 was a joke though.

          Well, given the Obsidian guys were the first guys to really work on the Fallout series (well, when they were Black Isle), I'd say honestly Obsidian theoretically did a better job with NV. Fallout 3 had the more interesting setting but New Vegas, something about it just came to life more for me. Maybe its the fact it's the true sequel to Fallout 2 (characters from FO2 appear in NV, situations appear in NV from FO 1 and 2 etc)

      No, they're fucking crooks who sold me a full priced game that I couldn't finish due to the sheer bugginess of their product.

        I was waiting for this comment lol, every time.
        Personal experiences will vary especially with PC games. Personally, I crashed once in my first New Vegas playthrough, and not once at all in alpha protocol.

        Fallout 3 on the other hand, hell I replayed it last month and crashed literally every 10 minutes till I went through an ini fix, following which I still crashed a good 25+ times during the playthrough. For me Bethesda are the ones who sell shoddy products, I have nothing but problems with their games on ever system I've ever played them on.
        My respect for them doesn't come from technical prowess but from their ability to world build better than almost any other developer out there and in particular their unusual but much more accurate depiction of morality as a non binary function.

          Respect for them is in regards to Obsidian not Bethesda, sorry, realised that wasn't clear.

          Personal experiences WILL vary especially with PC games.

          I was playing on Xbox, and was halted in two separate playthroughs, once before the final Hoover Dam battle, another near the first time of entering the mains trip.

          There's people who care if they get the shaft, and then there's apologists.

      Great developer, too bad they don't have a QA department. Or a project manager. Or anything else that is needed to get games out on time and in working form. The "We weren't given enough time!!!1" excuse doesn't work when you use it for every single game...

        Unless youre a third party developer working on contract with a giant company above you saying GET THAT PRODUCT OUT OR ELSE. Then that kinda does...

    Fallout 3 was epic. but boy was i disappointed with new vegas. i guess getting a lot of content cut would explain why the world felt so empty of story vs fallout 3.

    Play it again. It's fixed.

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