There’s A New Killzone Coming To Vita

There’s A New Killzone Coming To Vita

A new Killzone game called Killzone Mercenary is coming to PlayStation Vita, Sony said today at Gamescom.

Sony promises more information on the PlayStation Blog later today.


  • They say that tablets and so on are beating handhelds. Dont knock it untill you try it. This handheld is doing graphics the PS3 as doing at launch. Im very proud of Sony and what they are accomplishing (on the hardware end of things) Thank you so much for sticking in there and caring for your customers and the market. No matter what anyone says you are pioneers in this age and will alwasy remain on top in my book. Xbox buys everyones ratings and iopinion. As far as nintendo goes. You guys Rock too! Keep it up as well

  • That trailer was pretty rubbish, to be honest. Why can’t they do that sort of thing with the in-game engine, so at least we’ll see what the visuals look like? I hate live-action promos for games, especially when they look as cheap and badly acted as that one.
    Gameplay-wise, I’m not sold on the swipe controls – hopefully the game doesn’t rely on them too heavily.

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