There’s Already A Special Edition Of The Ouya, And It Looks Good

There’s Already A Special Edition Of The Ouya, And It Looks Good

The Rubik’s Cube-sized $US99 Ouya game console is supposed to come out in March 2013. We thought you’d only be able to get it in silver, but there’s a darker option.

Today, the Ouya folks have revealed a special edition version of the console. You’ll have to donate $US140 to their Kickstarter to get this Limited Edition one (like they need more money! Their roughly 47,000 backers have already pledged $US6,000,000).


The controller’s face buttons have also been re-labelled on the regular and Limited Edition controller, by popular demand, the Ouya folks say.


The buttons used to be labelled this way.

VEVO music videos and a “last week of Kickstarter” special edition console and controller [Kickstarter]


  • I’m also doubtful that we will ever see this actually released.

    Call me skeptical, but I just see to many problems being encountered and not enough funding to cover production costs.

    If I’m wrong however, I’ll be getting myself one quick smart!
    This thing will be a dream for developers.

  • I like the new buttons but they should swap a few letters around, The O should be at the top, U-Y and the A button at the bottom, because anyone might look at it as Yuao and not Ouya.

  • Really skeptical about this. The kickstarter ends soon which means money won’t be refunded if the investor decides to pull out for whatever reason. My main concern is that the only thing shown has been rendered images and we haven’t seen a prototype or it in action yet, I’m not really sound with the idea for paying for something and the inability to get a refund if the final product, or working progress is not what you wanted, or development completely changes from what you paid for. I mean if they plan to ship in 8 months time, they could at least show something.
    Additionally what’s different from the LE model to the standard model that justifies the extra $40?

    • It depends on what this thing is made from, plastic or metal. If it is aluminium, then the extra cost would cover anodizing. If it’s plastic, then there is no justification for the extra cost.

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