There’s More To This Picture Than Mass Effect’s Normandy Crashing Into Skyrim

There’s More To This Picture Than Mass Effect’s Normandy Crashing Into Skyrim

This appeared today in Reddit’s Skyrim community. It’s the mod “Normandy”, which adds a crash site of the Mass Effect ship into the game. It’s located outside of Whiterun, so you can probably fast-travel to this thing no matter where you are in your character’s progression.

Still, what the hell else did this guy install in his game? Because that looks like some kind of undead guy wearing a Red Dead Redemption hat while riding a horker. Small wonder this was posted under the headline: “I think maybe I should stop installing mods for a while.” Admitting you have a problem is always the first step.

I think maybe I should stop installing mods for a while [Reddit]


  • “Mass Effect’s Normandy Crashing Into Skyrim” is like throwing a massive steaming turd on your t-bone steak dinner.

      • No, you’re wrong.

        Aside from the fact that opinions, Mass Effect 3’s campaign took me about 20 hours, if that. Skyrim’s campaign took me 100 hours. I don’t care which was better while I was playing it, better value for money = better game for me.

        • that is the most…
          well, to be honest I’ve heard of stupider things. But why not rate a game based on quality and not length

        • You’re both wrong! And ScottieJo? I thought I told you to get inside and wash the damn dishes! YOU ARE GROUNDED, I WILL NOT SAY IT AGAIN!

  • I like mass effect, but unless it adds a claymore skinned shotgun effect crossbow, I don’t reeeeeeealy care that much for it…. Now the horker mount… I’ll take one!

  • So that’s the planet that the Normandy crashed on in the original ending! If they only had of said that from the get go.

  • Only 20 hour to finish ME3?. It took me over 60 to finish every quest including a good 8 hours just on the Citadel, and that was skipping most of the planet descriptions. Add another 100 hours of multiplayer and I’ve definitely had my money’s worth.

    • Personally, i enjoyed both (to a degree) but was more engaged with skyrim. I got 400 hours of playing time with it and only 80-100 with ME3. I just felt that ME3 couldn’t keep me from wanting more, and it didn’t deliver in that respect but it did for other.

      anyway kinda glad i have skyrim on xbox, i get addicted to mods

  • Effen awesome…the guys got a sense of humour,warped,but I like that…lighten up peeps and suck up the fun 😉

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