These Awesome Shoes Are What You Get When You Mix Glitter With Gaming

There have been a lot of very neat gaming shoes in the world before, but these ones are my new favourite. Not only because, as flats, they are something I could theoretically actually wear someday, but because they please my inner first-grader with their sparkles.

I like shiny things, okay?

Clearly, so does this Etsy seller. The Nintendo-themed flats above are all lovely, but the tentacle shoes, surprisingly, are the ones I think I would most likely have gotten away with in my old office. And for all you My Little Pony fans out there, the Twilight Sparkle flats are quite sparkly indeed.

And of course, we can't forget the Pika-shoes. Which I love. Yellow may not be my colour, but terrible poké-puns will suit me forever.

Aisha Voya Creations [Etsy]


    Oh man, I want these shoes so bad

      For just a moment I wished I was a girl so I could buy these and still stand to look at myself in the mirror.

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