This 'Airport Virtual Assistant' Looks Like The Ancestor Of Avina From Mass Effect

Meet AVA, a hologram projected onto a human-sized piece of plexiglass. The idea is that AVA, at some time, will respond to questions, offer answers, and provide reliable guidance in multiple languages to travellers who have just landed and need help orienting themselves and understanding local services.

Sound familiar? Sounds to me like Avina, the AI virtual intelligence from Mass Effect, who provided you with helpful, anodyne answers to common questions. Her long-winded dialogue tree provided the opportunity to snarf a fistful of potato chips while still, technically, advancing the story of the game.

It's the name more than the job description that makes this such a funny coincidence for gamers. AVA currently just gives out a pre-recorded message when approached, but her maker, AirportOne, says she'll develop voice recognition down the line. There are concepts for AVA in different settings, such as a museum, a business or medical information assistant, or a fashion model in a retail location. The Turian AVA is probably due sometime in the next 150 years.

Holograms Could Be Giving You Directions At The Airport Soon [iO9]


    When is my flight coming in? "I do not have that information at this time"

    What gate should I go to? "I do not have that information at this time"

    Where is my luggage? "I do not have that information at this time"

    Awww ... little Siri is trying to grow up and wear heels.

    Er mer Gerd. ERVA.

    They look nothing alike.
    Really. Stop trying to relate everything to games to make crappy news posts.

    Yeah and my web-cam is basically GLaDOS - just without the AI... and the automation... and the need to kill... and the cake...

    So it's basically an info booth where the staff don't speak English? Holograms and AI are fun and all but it's on par with voice recognition phone menus.
    Maybe if it was just an airport-wide wifi hotspot where you could use your smartphones browser to interact with a bot in your language of choice via a streaming website. That'd be almost universally compatible with all smartphones, make it so that everyone can use it at the same time and also use it from anywhere within the airport (or, for those without smartphones, information booths).

    AVA is a news story months old. Owen. BAD "journalist"! No biscuit!

    It looks kinda futuristic but do they have all the response that you need, I want still to speak to a live person unless they have all the information I need.

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