This Awesome Robot Art Was Built With Broken Toys And Old Electronics

Andrea Petrachi is a sculptor. He doesn't use clay or marble. Instead, he creates with broken toys and discarded electronics, from electric shavers and audio connectors to old doll heads and figurine parts. His work is a mishmash of plastic and metal, joined in their common bond: they've been tossed aside for trash.

His work looks like the coolest mecha and robots Japanese anime never saw. With titles like "Otaku", the Japanese influence is undeniable — even if he doesn't always use Japanese electronics or toys — and it's no wonder his art is making its way through Japanese cyberspace.

For Petrachi, however, he thinks his work symbolizes our insatiable consumer appetite. From the vicious cycle of buying, breaking and trashing, his art emerges.

Check out more of his work at the link. Giuseppe Fogarizzu took all the wonderful photos below.

Himatic [Andrea Petrachi via GIGAZINE]


    if only they worked and had mini AI's.

    I always thought that with a telesync setup you wouldn't need a really big computer in a robot. just one big enough to run the sensors and other componets, slaving it to a AI that you ran in your house/lab.

    You could then have as much computing power as you'd want/need. you could have dozens of little robots wandering your house. Little security bots and drones that sneak around with camera's keeping an eye on things. Little vaccum bots and robots with digits/limbs that could pick up things that the vaccum bot couldn't.

    a cocktail stirring robot. and best of all these robots would be produced from all of the defunct/obsolete/broken consumer electronics that litter our homes.

    There is only one explanation for this...Skynet is upon us...may your armour hold and your weapons stay true, prevail or bring forth the exodus of humans...

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