This DayZ Video Is Absolutely Fabulouz

The internet is slowly beginning to overflow with DayZ diaries, DayZ hacks, DayZ this, DayZ that — but very few vids have convinced me that I really need to play the game. But this one sorta does. Put together by Dan Hindes from PC Powerplay and Sneaky Bastards, Joab Gilroy from GameArena, and regular Kotaku Australia contributor Adam Ruch and his wife Krystal — follow this foursome as they steal a hacker's helicopter, make it explode, and then get into a dogfight with a group of online schmoes. Also, a bus explodes.

I think what comes through is just how awesome this game is to play with a group of friends, getting up to hijinxs and the like.

Nicely done guys (and girl)!


    adam ruch is my tutor this semester >_> great video regardless!

      Be prepared for uncontrollable awesomeness.

        One can only hope MAS241 proves you right.

          Be careful he doesn't shove you into a bookshelf.

          If he does just push him over a rock; he doesn't like those.


    Please stop already.

      Just because you aren't interested in DayZ doesn't mean a lot of us aren't

    Wow guys whose holding a gun to you clicky finger?

    Friends dont let friends fly inverted.

    I think 'foursome' should have had 'awesome' in front. You know, for accuracy and badass rhyming madness reasons.

    P.S. I don't understand all this hate coming from Kotaku users lately. I can appreciate not wanting to see Kotaku turn into every other half-assed "gaming" journal/website out there, but the last few comments on articles I've read seem to express nothing but hate towards the article because it's not... I don't know... gamey enough? I don't think Kotaku is drifting away from a game focused mentality and I don't even think this article (or, for example, the one where Mark talks about his fears of writing about games as he progresses in age) is really that irrelevant. Are we honestly that narrow minded of a community that the only thing that's "worth" posting is game reviews or "guess that retro game" posts?

    I'm not just saying this because this video and article is about me, either. I just genuinely don't understand what comments like "please stop already" and "really Mark, really?" contribute or even achieve. It's not even constructive in the slightest.

    lol, I was wondering why the title was "absolutely fabulouz", and then that theme music started.

      You forgot the first 'z'.

    Hotdogwithsauce. Its the younger gamers that are doing it . I just watched a video with a guy my age showing kids a commodore 64. Perhaps he is a little older but I digress. I remember those......

    Eh, what the fark am I doing, I am only 32 and acting like an old guy on a videogame forum. I can still bash those kids to within an inch of their life if I am so inclined , although my wife may not like me being incacerated at her majesties liberty for the act.

    You get little sheet talkers everywhere. If you are like me, you know you have a home with a 60" HD TV hooked into your Xbox and PS3 connected to a $10,000 home theatre setup. A core i7 PC with two 580s and SSDs in raid ( I want to convince my wife to let me go to 680s but then I won't be able to spend Christmas in Colorado with her folks).

    They are bitches to be ignored and pittied. Foget them. Enjoy your internets good sir. You earned them with that video.


    Nobody noticed the AS50 shot ring out seconds before the first Huey falls out of the sky?

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