This Fan Made Deus Ex Animation Is Way Better Than I Expected

A fan made Deus Ex animation just has no right to be good. It should be terribly written, with mediocre animation. It should make you cringe. It has absolutely no right to be interesting, and feature clever visual story telling. What is going on here!

Despite having played very little of the Deus Ex series, I really enjoyed this.

Thanks Dan!


    How can you not have played one of, if not the, most important video games ever?

      I know! I know!

        You should extend your shameless gaming month to take care of this massive source of personal shame.

        Also you have shamed your family.

    DEUS EX II and HR are very high quality games. Endless hours to be spent there.

    ^ there is no deus ex 2....

    Just a crappy cash in made after deus ex....

      invisible war took a lot of flack but i wouldn't call it a cashgrab. It was the same duo of warren spector and harvey smith behind the game (though spector took a bit more of a backseat on the sequel).

      There were some 'dumbed down for console' design decisions but retrospectively i liked that they took the series in a bit more of a different direction.

        Honestly I just finished a play-through of Invisible War and it is a fine game in it's own right.
        The problem was that Invisible War was prefaced by Deus Ex and a colon.

    Very nice. But I already needed to save Paul in my playthroughs. :P

    That's quite cool, although the unnaturally long arms kinda freaked me out a bit.

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