This Fantasy Cartoon Webseries Should Really Be On TV

After watching just a single episode of the new webseries Doraleous and Associates I'm already head over heels. Give me more. Hope you're watching, Comedy Central.


    Christopher Walken knight is gold!

    Man I remember when this used to be on the Escapist. Glad to hear they are coming back.

      I remember they said they were taking a break to work on some movie project but then completely disappeared. That was a good 2 or so years ago, hopefully they've been able to finish off the series and the movie.

        Hmm guess not, the are re-releasing their original 36 episodes and then are going to try and crowd fund the new stuff.

    OMFG! AWESOME! I love this series! It has been missing from the escapist for about a year and a half if not more. Used to absolutely crave it every week. Good to hear they're back at it, fucking brilliant!

    Was wondering what happened to this show. Glad to hear it could be coming back.

    Christopher Walken!

    This was the best show on Escapist by far.
    With the exception of Zero Punctuation most of the humour on that site is a bit half-arsed and amateurish, but Doraleus was gold.

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