This Is A Game About Bouncing Bullets, Sound And Islamic Art

You may remember Hamish Todd from his Kotaku articles on Castlevania and Shadow of the Colossus, but after watching this trailer you'll probably remember him for creating an intriguing video games inspired by sound, bouncing bullets and Islamic art.

The game in question is Music of the Spheres, a project Todd has been gestating for almost three years, whilst studying for a degree and learning to program. I'm a huge fan of games that manipulate sound in unique ways, so I'm intrigued.

I also liked what Hamish Todd himself had to say about the game:

I enjoy games about thinking, and games about shooting. I wanted to combine the two, and bouncing bullets seemed like a pleasing way of doing that (who doesn’t like playing with bouncy stuff?). If a player can bounce bullets, then they can shoot their enemies without their enemies being able to shoot them. And if they’re able to shoot and experiment without being in constant danger, then levels can be calm and thoughtful.

According to Hamish himself, Music of the Spheres takes inspiration from the expressiveness of Portal 2, the elegance of Ikaruga, and the zest of Everyday Shooter. These are video games I love. Pretty sure I'm going to enjoy Music of the Spheres.


    So um....deets? platform? release date? where/when to get?

      PC Feb 2013 - says at the end fo the video.

        Thanks vid isnt loading properly, cuts out half way (silly work network)

    That looks intriguing although I'm still not really all that clear on what it's about and how it works.

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