This Is What Playing Mass Effect 3 On The Wii U Looks Like

Fresh from the EA Summer Showcase, here's a quick and dirty look at how Mass Effect 3 leverages the screen on the Wii U control pad.

A launch title for the Wii U, Mass Effect 3 will include all downloadable content, the online multiplayer experience, and a primer on what's come before for fans new to the series. The game will incorporate the Extended Cut ending DLC so as to not expose new players to anything they might rail against, and will of course feature a new control scheme so we don't spend 30-40 hours staring at an empty screen in our hands.


    "so as to not expose new players to anything they might rail against" I think they can do that perfectly well even with the EC ending, to be frank.

    The new control scheme looks really interesting, here's hoping some new players discover the series.

    Looks like the 'new control scheme' consists of a power wheel and a top-down view map. Interesting if they no longer give you the ability to pause the game to use the power wheel. That would make it a bit more challenging on the higher difficulties.

      I've only played the Mass Effects on PC and even though I had the option to pause time, I never used it because the number keys let me instantly fire off any powers I wanted to use. I don't think the touch screen will be quite as intuitive/fast but I imagine it will still be preferable to freezing time.

      I think omni-tool orange would have been a better fit for the UI/map.

    Not sure my poor old eyes would like having to focus on different screens like that ...

      Just like the 3DS headaches. Staring at 3D for ages doesn't cause headaches, but swapping constantly between 3D and 2D does. I imagine it'd be similar here.

      It something I still haven't been able to figure out given that a lot of people are long sighted.

    As copy paste as some areas of ME3 was, I only played it once and I was able to figure out that was the school in the second screenshot without seeing the Students Barrier thing in the corner. So it's burned itself into my memory...

      and that its the level you get to drive the mech

        No - any Atlas can be driven, you have to focus fire on the cockpit and kill the driver without blowing the whole mech up.

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