This Is Why You Need To Play Papo & Yo Right Now [Spoilers]

Warning: This video contains minor spoilers. It's a rare thing to find a game you truly love and rarer still to find one that moves you emotionally. For me, Papo & Yo was that kind of game and even though it was marred by technical problems at launch, it severely impacted me and forced me to ask difficult questions of myself.

In the video above, I unapologetically make the case for Papo & Yo and explain why it's not just a good game, but a brave and important game that everyone should play, talk about, and share with others.

If you're on the fence about whether Papo & Yo is worth your time, let me try and convince you. If you've played Papo & Yo, spread the word. I don't think the people you tell will regret hearing about it.


    Oh yeah, what a great article. "This is why you need to play the game, watch it to convince yourselves! But it contains spoilers, so don't watch it in order to keep the greatness of this game a surprise".

    Wow...I actually wasn't going to play this, but the article and video changed my mind. good stuff!

    After reading this article and not watching the video (thanks for the spolier warning), I purchased and played through this game and I just have to say thank you.
    Thank you for making me play such an amazing and touching game.
    After completing Papo & Yo, I watched the above video and can say this game has indeed also made me re-think/remember why I play games.

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