This Isn't Mario Kart Running On The PS3, But It's Close

Nobody at Sony is recommending that you recreate iconic tracks from Nintendo's Mario Kart in the upcoming PlayStation 3 game LittleBigPlanet Karting. But what do you think is going to happen when you let gamers into a beta of a kart-racing game that has a very malleable track editor?

You get Mario Kart tracks in your LittleBigPlanet kart-racer, of course. We've got four of them in the video, via the game's just-concluded beta. DK Mountain and Bowser's Castle are the stand-outs. And they were only made in the limited one-month beta. When this game comes out later this year, you can expect much better Mario Kart on Sony's console. Nothing official, of course.


    That Bowser's Castle really was impressive! Hopefully the community gets behind this idea 100% and makes all the tracks from MK:DS, just for me.
    That's be great, guys, I look forward to it.

    Bowser's Castle was a pretty impressive re-creation! And the Sonic themed one was alright. Someone make a Deus Ex or Mass Effect themed track and i'll buy this in a heartbeat!

    Holy shit, dat music from Rainbow Road/Green Hill Zone.
    Dat's some good music.

    Mario games really need level editors.

    How 'snap-to-grid' is the level editor?

    Am I going to be able to recreate the Adelaide grand prix track?

    Give players the ability to make their own game using the devs tools is what LBP has always been about. Nothing can stop people making the iconic tracks from Mario Kart, NFS, the Grand Prix. This is great because not only do they get the preset tracks, they also get more playability from user created content, in the LBP charm. I can't wait for the this to come out.

    Im quite keen on this game now, looking forward to it

    Freaking amazing Rainbow Road LBPK music... I could listen to that on repeat all day.

    It makes the Wii version look incredible in comparison. Nintendo are really great with visuals, even at low res.

    i think crash team racing was mario kart for playstation but 100x better

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