This Japanese Celebrity Knows How To Help The PS Vita (Hint: Final…)

This Japanese Celebrity Knows How To Help The PS Vita (Hint: Final…)

Sony’s PS Vita sure is struggling! Launching new hardware isn’t easy — just ask Nintendo. But while Nintendo was able to turn the 3DS around, Sony hasn’t done that yet with the Vita. Japanese celebrity and Pokémon queen Shoko Nakagawa might have the logical answer.

Nakagawa, who has done Zelda commercials for Nintendo, recently seems to have come into possession of a PS Vita. She’s been playing Ragnarok Odyssey, adding, “The graphics are unbelievably beautiful and the touch panel is great, too.”

Continuing, she added, “If only God Eater, Resident Evil, or Final Fantasy would come out, that’d be heavenly! There’s no news yet on Final Fantasy X?!”

Other than we probably shouldn’t expect it anytime soon? Um, no.

“It’s such a waste that there are few games,” she continued. “Even so, the potential is great.”

So there you go, Sony. Put out God Eater, Resident Evil, and Final Fantasy, and you’ll probably make more than this Japanese gamer happy.

びーた [しょこたんぶろぐ via ゲハログ]

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  • *patrick meme*
    How about we take all the UMD PSP games
    And make them available on the psn store (And not forget AUS)

    • This. There’s a lot of my older PSP collection that there’s no way to play without a PSP. I’d happily buy them again if they were on PSN, but they aren’t.

      But honestly some actual Vita games would be better. There’s some in the pipeline at least, but the stronger releases are few and far between. Even worse in Japan where they got Gravity Rush a month after the system launched and then nothing much since.

  • It is kinda ridiculous that there’s nothing good released recently. Then again, the 3DS is just as stinky, with the only decent game recently being Kingdom Hearts. It’s just 3D appeals to kids more (seriously, does ANYONE still play with it on? You can’t focus on the foreground health bars/HUD and the game at the same time lol).

    Vita needs new games, and it needs them yesterday.

  • I say release Monster Hunter and Final Fantasy, each with their own limited edition console, like with FF Crisis Core.

    Personally I would be happy with FFX getting a release soon, especially since I can’t play the PS1 releases on it that I just got from the store.

  • This will save Vita:
    God Eater
    Resident Evil
    Final Fantasy
    Monster Hunter
    PS1 and PS2 Games
    Kingdom Hearts
    Assassins Creed
    Call of Duty

  • Any FF game would be enough to get me to buy one.

    Until then my beaten up PSP will just have to do 😐

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