This Man Built A Working Computer From Fallout 3. It's Pretty Damn Great

This elaborate custom PC was built for display at this year's QuakeCon. You can take your pick as to what's most amazing about the project: the fact it works, the fact it looks identical to a terminal from Fallout 3, or the fact the entire thing cost under $US60.

The PC's exterior is hand-made, while the screen is an old CRT unit. It's running Ubuntu, and that hacking game you see on the screen isn't static; it's been programmed to actually work as a Fallout 3 hacking game.

Fallout 3 Terminal [Reddit]


    Madness! More actual game content like this please - more everything (to do with games,to much pop trash this last year, most of us Kotaku readers only come for the comments nowadays...)

      speak for yourself there..

        I did!

    *lolcat in first picture!

    I've seen replicas of laser and plasma rifles built by Russian cosplayers, but this is way cooler.


    We never see him take the cat out...

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