This Man Microwaves A 3DS XL, So You Don't Have To

When you put an electronic device in a microwave, you must have some idea of what's going to happen. It's hardly a bloody mystery! But still insane human beings persist. They spend copious amounts of money on consumer technology and then bung them inside a microwave just for the 'lulz'. This is the world we live in.

And surprise, suprise — you'll never guess what happens.

The 3DS XL comes out this week, on the Thursday. I've had a fiddle around with one (didn't put it in the microwave) and I was pretty impressed. Was all set to buy one actually, but splurged on a Nexus 7 instead.

And no, I'm not putting my new Nexus 7 in a microwave.

Thanks Kenny!


    Because this was on my list of things to do to our new 3DS XL.......

    The smell from that must be heavenly.

    What a stupid waste of a microwave and a 3DSXL :/

    You'd think with all of Nintendos rigorous testing they would've microwave proofed it.

    When the video started the first thing i thought was "HOLY SHIT, IT'S A KLINGON!!!"

    The second thing i thought about was how much these video's are starting to piss me off. We know what happens so why do people continue to do it?
    I know it's a bit of an old and slightly silly argument, but i really believe rather than wasting things like this, give them to someone who would truly appreciate it!
    Donate it to your local children's hospital or something!

    What did

    What an awful article, i'd like to know more informative things about the 3ds xl.... like will it blend?

    Fail. Everyone knows you put it in the oven like a chip packet and it shrinks.

      Woah woah woah.....
      So you're saying they've had the 3DS XL all along, and were just shinking them to sell them as smaller devices to THEN release the ORIGINAL console afterwards in some great cash-printing scheme?
      ::Keanue Reeves::

      Well played Nintendo....
      ...Well played.

        Yep. But in fact the prototype 3DS is actually the size of a small car. That version will be released as the 3DSXXXL in late 2014.

    Why would you do this??
    Wat a tool

      Well.. look at the guy... he clearly doesn't have a lady to occupy his time... or... you know... bathing....

      Becoz, young marstah, some men juss want to watch the weld burn.

    I think he might be a suffering human..... mentally.

    Why. Even. Bother?
    I just dont get it - go feed some homless kid or something... but dont waste your money on sH*t like this. *shakes head*

    I found this both informative AND entertaining.

    Am I the only one who thinks that 'classic microwave moments' is the weirdest and stupidest part of this clip?

    Now he's selling it on Ebay

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