This Might Be The World's Largest Two-Person Mario Bros. Controller

More weird riffs on classic video games from the New York City gaming collective Babycastles and Katamari Damacy dreamer Keita Takahashi. We showed you their unusual takes on Ms. Pac-Man and an old-school shmup. Here's Mario Bros.


    This controller could be the future controller for Nintendo. But seriously, imagine playing all the old NES and SNESgames with this controller. I know how you could use this controller for A link to the past; using the same controller board but remove the obstacles, the board itself represents the overworld , wherever the ball is on the board ctrl, Link will move to that area. I know it might sound complicated but I find it very simple. For attacking, using items, pausing etc, there could be some buttons aside.

      I can't wait to see the youtube vids or pics of ppl who've put that table through their TV/into the wall.

      GOGOOOOOOO Nintendo!

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