This Resident Evil 6 Gameplay Footage Might Give You Cabin Fever

This Resident Evil 6 Gameplay Footage Might Give You Cabin Fever

Here’s some Jake “Snow-Covered Mountain” gameplay footage, complete with inevitable snowmobile action.

Resident Evil 6 will be out this October.


  • That looked absolutely awful. How did they take one of the best over the shoulder aim cameras (RE4 and 5) and utterly ruin it with this garbage (looks like the Operation Raccoon City camera)? With the much heavier emphasis on action, the new mechanics aren’t smooth enough to cope with it, they’re just clunky. When in cover, when he pops out to shoot, he’s almost touching the other wall and where you were aiming before the pop out, is no where near in relation to where you will be aiming after. Gone is the tactic of aiming for a certain part of the body to stun them then go in closer for a melee attack, now you can just spam melee attack to death. The weapon selector goes right over the where you’re trying to aim! WTF? Resident Evil enemies with automatic weapons! Again!
    What a mess. I wonder how bad the full game is going to be. RE4, you were perfect, but look at your disappointing children…

    • I’m currently playing through RE4, and I have to say this looks pretty good to me. RE4 is pretty damned action packed at times.

    • I’ve never even played an RE game but I’m with EvilDeathBee here. This gameplay looks absolutely awful, nothing at all like the survival horror I’d expect from RE. Whatever happened to slow and atmospheric?

      • Again, I’ll counter with RE4. This looks to be very much in that tradition. Also, the developers have stated that there are multiple campaigns with different emphases on each one. The Leon campaign is slower paced, apparently.

        • You’re missing out on several key factors about RE4. Yes it was quite action focused at times, but the action was designed around a limiting player control system (and vice versa). The action wasn’t a third person shooter style of action, it was slow paced, methodical and calculating. Even when it got really hectic, there was still the sense that you were in control. 90% of the enemies were melee attacking enemies, but seriously dangerous melee attacks. The only times an enemy had a projectile weapon that wasn’t a simple crossbow were mini bosses or major obstacles in the level.
          RE4 was a fantastic blend of great action and survival horror. RE5 messed up a LOT with the formula, but still managed to be a good game (it could’ve been so much better though). I have so many doubts about RE6, it just looks wrong in every way. Christ, even Leon’s character in RE6 appears nothing like the hilarious, quipping, cocky, and simply awesome Leon of RE4. Seems Wesker Jr is the cocky one, but with bad (not funny bad) quips.

  • … yeah, this looks like garbage. I loved watching my brother play the original Resident Evil’s (1-3), and I loved playing Resident Evil 4 … but after Resident Evil 5, Operation Raccoon City, and seeing the trailers for this game, I have just completely lost hope for this franchise. Resident Evil 4 might have had some action in it, but it had a lot of heart and soul, and it still had a good brooding pace. Never thought Resident Evil would die a death like this.

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