This Should Be Commander Shepard's Favourite Case Mod On Or Off The Citadel

Yes, nitpickers, I know: the Normandy was never red and black. That's strictly for Shepard's default N7 armour. Possibly the case should have been Alliance blue, or Cerberus yellow and black. But I think this is gorgeous just the way it is. Because this might have to be what I do to my next PC.

I mean, I won't actually. Unlike this master modder, I am too lazy to sleeve my own cables and to acquire and use power tools to make the bits. But I will wish I could. Because for an irredeemable Mass Effect fan like me, this is just too cool. Even if the in-progress shots do give me the urge to start connecting bits together in pairs like a memory game.

Now all it needs is EDI's voice (and maybe some of these for good measure), and we're good to go kill some reapers. Scroll down to see a few more shots of the finished product, or hit the original gallery to see a few more in-progress images of the hardware coming together. And then go kill reapers. The Alliance needs you.

"Mass Effect 3 — NZXT Switch 810 Case Mod" by MybadOmen [MNPCTech]


    the little normandy replica was a nice touch

    Sigh, normandy has nothing to do with the armour colour configuration... Would of been better if he stuck to one theme.

    mass effect theme aside...this is a godly example of good building. everything in its right place...if only my case looked half as well put together as this!!!

    loving the N7 gpu block.

      I don't like ME enough to ever want my rig themed for it, but dayum is that one clean well organised case, 10/10.

    It could do with a few calibrations though.

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