This Siamese Twin Nintendo 64 Controller Looks Like A Weird Science Experiment

Ever since I discovered you could use two Nintendo 64 controllers to play Goldeneye, I wondered what it would look like if two were fused together, like some insane, failed science experiment. Thanks to a modder named Clarky, this dream has become an absolute reality, and it's far from the ungodly abomination I expected — it actually looks bananas.

You have to head to the forum post, where Clarky goes into great detail on each stage of development.

The controller was initially built after a friend of Clarky's asked for a dual controller that would enable him to replicate the arcade feel of Star Wars Episode I: Racer on the N64. Most of you will probably remember this game — a really well made racer that I still see in some arcades.

But personally, when I saw this, my mind drifted to the clumsy attempts I made to try and play Goldeneye with two controllers. At the time it was simply too difficult to hold both with any real semblance of control. Finally, 15 years later, a solution!

Check out the pics below to see some of the individual stages the controller went through. And you can find more pics and information on the project here. Massive kudos to Clarky for this incredible... thing.

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    I can't believe everyone else seemed to know about GoldenEye having a dual-wield mode, but I somehow managed to miss it. And yet I see nobody mention Perfect Dark in the articles about this thing, and that's the one I *did* discover it in. Also used it to finish off the game in Perfect Agent mode, I think. Luckily my sister's controller's stick was practically new, so I kept that one for the aim controller :P

    I'm going to sound like a complete jerk here. . . but hasn't Kotaku already covered this story?

      in reverse for once.

      But this has awesome pictures.

    Wait, am I missing something? If you're dual thumbstickin' it, how are you supposed to press the face buttons? Or is the project just supposed to be about having more options on a single controller?


      I mean, if you only want to use it for Goldeneye and Racer, that's your prerogative I guess.

        Well I can only speak for Perfect Dark (which I assume is the same as GoldenEye) but the only face buttons you use in that are Start, A and B. And you can use those buttons on either controller, they function the same on both. Except you can only really reach the A and B buttons on right controller (it's surprisingly far easier than you'd expect). Otherwise you have the right stick taking place of the C buttons and the right Z button taking the place of R.

    what is the point? to make it harder?

      For Pod racer, its to give you control of each engine individually, so you can turn better by reducing the thrust in the engines.

        It didn't make you drive 'better' as the game already took into account individual thrust. It's just a nice easter egg so you can play the game similarly to how it was controlled in the movie with 2 separate sticks.

    Shit, I thought I was having an acid flashback when I first saw that image.

    There's enough room in the middle for a touchscreen. Imagine that, a videogame controller with a touchscreen in the middle!

    Am I the only one who, at the time, thought that the dual stick mode in goldeneye was meant to be some sort of two-player co-operative mode? Once me and a friend got used to controlling it together it was a lot of fun.

      Oh jesus! That must have been insanely difficult.

        It was at first, but it made those end level victories all the more sweeter once we figured out how to work together.

    Is that controller going through cell division ?

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