This Skyrim Armour Is The Stuff Of Legends

Once of the most memorable things about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the in-game gear. So when cosplayers Sheila and Sylar feel in love with the game, they decided to replica Skyrim's Nightingale Armour for the above photo shoot. Because, you know, they being cosplayers and all.

This is the result. The truly impressive result.

Pulling something off like this ain't easy! The suit looks even more impressive when you read the nitty-gritty about how it was put together:

The entirety of this armour is made from craft foam, that was sealed, detailed (with hot glue and carving into the foam) and then painted to resemble leather texture. It is all heated into shape and then attached directly onto a base black catsuit.

The bracers are attached to gloves, and the armour below the waist is actually attached to a detachable belt. All of the silver adornments, buckles and rivets were sculpted from sculpy and sprayed silver. The face mask is also craft foam, simply glued onto a ski mask. The head and cape were sewn from scratch and attach via some metal snaps on the suit.

There's even a walk through so you can make the suit yourself. How nice!

Skyrim [Aicosu's DeviantArt page] Karliah (Nightingale armour) [Aicosu]


    That is the hottest nerd I have ever seen.

    I simply stand and applaud... Come!Join me, fellow Kotaku enthusiasts! Let's make this a standing ovation!!!

    Nice effort at looking like Karliah too

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