This Video Shows Why The Studio That Made Wipeout Was So Awesome

Between todays's news that the Sony Liverpool studio — originally known as Psygnosis — is closing and yesterday's reports of Nintendo Power shutting down, this feels like The Week Video Game Nostalgia Died.

But let the incredible promotion video — courtesy of Boing Boing — above remind you of how creatively forward-looking and dominant Psygnosis was in its heyday. You can smirk at the portentious narration and dance-music soundtrack, but give credit to Psygnosis for their inspired art direction, early use of motion capture tech and the sheer amount of creativity on display. "Our advertising turns heads, our games turn stomachs…" Indeed. Glad you strutted your stuff while you could, Psygnosis.

Psygnosis promotional video from 1996 [Boing Boing]


    Meh. Bugger wipeout they produced a buttload of great Amiga games...which anyone with a ounce of sense pirated :-). Actually the look and feel bits of Wipeout came more from the ultra edgy Design Republic and the kicking sound track...

    I'm gonna miss them so much, no joke. My favorite game series, and some of the best devs around. Truly, I've had so much fun with the WipEout community, it'll live on forever in our hearts <3

    oh i loved discworld and lemmings.

    shadow of the beast was the first game i ever loved, still play it today

    ^^ on amiga 500 =)

    RIP Psygnosis. You made being given a PC instead of the Amiga I wanted suck just that little bit harder back in the day :P

    Um no wonder they closed that video on displayed old games and gave me the impression they haven't made anything new since. Out with the old in with the new.

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