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Hey guys, remember me? I'm This Week In Games, the little post that could. You thought I was dead and buried, but today I RISE FROM MY GRAVE. Because, get this, actual interesting video games are being released this week!

I know, crazy right. There are hardly a massive amount of games being released this week, but the ones that are being released are a pretty big deal.

Darksiders II (360/PS3/PC)

What is it? Sequel to Darksiders, the sleeper hit that tickled the fancy of everyone who likes Zelda. This is a game that replaces keys and locks with swords and eyeballs. To open the door you must stab the eyeball. Yep. This is a different kind of Zelda. Should you care? I say yes. The first was good and, from what I've seen of the sequel, it looks very good indeed.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS)

What is it? Yeah, you know what this is. It's Mario, on the 3DS. With more coins. Should you care? Of course, if you own a 3DS, this is worth caring about — but I have to say I was a little underwhelmed with this. I was expecting some new innovative stuff, particularly since they had a new team of younger designers working on the game. I've only played through the first couple of worlds so far. Hopefully things step up a bit after that.

Sleeping Dogs (360/PS3/PC)

What is it? The game that was supposed to be a True Crime sequel then was supposed to be cancelled, then became a thing again. It's an open world game with some pretty sophisticated combat mechanics. Should you care? I say yes. This game won't change lives, but I have heard good things. Looking forward to checking it out at home.

You guys thinking of picking anything up this week? Let us know in the comments below!


    Just a thought but some actual release dates would be nice :)
    Picking up both Darksiders 2 and Sleeping Dogs. Have heard great things about both games from people currently playing them. Should tie me over till Guild Wars 2 comes out.

      Usually all games come out on the Thursday, which is why It's always been left out (since before I even started!)

      But you're right -- because Darksiders II comes out on Tuesday this week.

        - Darksiders II is out on Tuesday? EB Games site is saying it's Thursday. AYYYY confusion!

      I have a feeling Sleeping Dogs is the kind of game I pick up in a bargain bin in two years' time and absolutely love and start yelling at everyone about how good it is.

      Like Splinter Cell Conviction.

        - This is me about the first Darksiders. Everytime my mate comes over I beg him to borrow my copy and play it for more than a few hours. He always says no. :(

          I really like Darksiders but I can't seem to finish it. Every time I dust it off I enjoy it a lot and then in a few days it's found its way back to my pile of shame. I won't be buying Darksiders II until I finally finish the first one!

            Everytime I tried to finish it, I got his by the game breaking Mask of Shadow bug where I couldn't equip it too finish the game @[email protected] Maybe fourth time will get it.

            No2 looks really good though.

    Picking up Sleeping Dogs this week. Looking forward to it maybe possibly hopefully breaking street date ;)

    I was talking to my wife about Sleeping Dogs and Darksiders II last night. We have Darksiders but I haven't played it. My wife tried it but found the story irritating (mainly because it was a mythology namedrop-fest with no cohesiveness) but we both feel like Darksiders II, being Death-centric instead of War-centric, will be more interesting. We'll decide later in the week since I get paid Wednesday.

    I am intrigued by Sleeping Dogs but like McGarnical, I think this is one I will pick up sometime in the future and be all like "OMG WHY DIDN'T I PLAY THIS A YEAR AGO". Like Splinter Cell: Conviction.

      I love the namedropping! It's so grand and epic and I have no idea wtf is going on, so I just assume there's this fantastic back story and I just don't know it. The overall style is what I love the most. And the Zelda mechanics are well known, but it also reminds me of Soul Reaver and Rune.

    I've finished it and 'I’ve only played through the first couple of worlds so far. Hopefully things step up a bit after that.'

    Nope. It doesn't.

    got sleeping dogs and darksiders ordered... darksiders is preloaded on steam already... i think we might get screwed on the unlock/launch date... US is 14th, some other regions are 16th and the rest are 20th... so its a bit of a mixed bag for this one :(

    trying to finish 1 for the second time on pc (finished first time on 360) so i can get the unlocks for completing the game :D so the longer the wait the better for me haha

    Out of those I am most interested in Sleeping Dogs.

    I quite liked the original Darksiders so definitely interested in Darksiders II.

    I can see why people draw comparisons between the original Darksiders and Zelda, but to be honest I believe Darksiders has more in common with a game like Soul Reaver than it does with Zelda. Not saying there aren't similarities to Zelda of course, but I do think Soul Reaver is a closer comparison.

      At first I didn't see it either, but then I made it to the first temple...

      - Temple littered with puzzle elements.
      - Map shows locked doors
      - Finding a temple map to show the entire plan
      - The boss chamber has an icon
      - Mid temple boss
      - Obtaining new weapon in temple which is used almost exclusively against the bosses.

      The game is very Zelda, just like Okami is...

        Like I said, not saying there aren't similarities to Zelda, there no doubt is. But the way you acquire your upgrades and use those in combat or to navigate through the world to open new areas, and the way the world itself is actually laid out is very Soul Reaver-esque.

        If you've ever played through the original Soul Reaver (and also Soul Reaver 2, though SR2 is a little less focused on it) you'll notice the similar puzzle elements inside the "dungeons" and the similar kind of world layout. There's even warp gates that act in a very similar way to the underground paths of Darksiders, although you don't need to traverse an underground road in SR (lets face it, that underground road was basically a loading screen anyway).

        Not just that, but both games are set in a post-apocalyptic world (with some areas bearing very striking resemblances to each other), the stories both contain elements of mythology that have been re-imagined to suit the game, the bosses are more puzzle based in both games and you can ditch your regular weapon to use a part of the environment as a weapon instead in both games. Both main characters consume souls, can glide (but not fly), can climb certain walls, and can see into a darker, shadowy version of the world, and both gain powers after beating the area bosses. To top it off the main NPC characters in both games have their own tribal-style symbols to distinguish their "clans" from each other.

        If you've played both games you'll definitely see the resemblances.

          bleh, failing massive today... I read it as "can't"...

          Yeah, I heard Darksiders 1 was a lot like Soul Reaver, which was my main inspiration for buying DS2. The more I play it, the more I start to notice how much like Soul Reaver it really is. And, I see a lot of the Zelda similarities (Such as the fancy chests that seem to only ever hold Keys and Maps.)

    Darksiders II is out on Tuesday on steam, but Thursday in stores. Sleeping dogs is Thursday and new super Mario bros 2 is Saturday I'm pretty sure, as strange as that is

    bloody hell. I just bought Just Cause 2! I didn't know Sleeping Dogs was out this week!! haha dammit

      Just Cause 2 deserves to be savoured like a fine wine. That is all

        quicly complete a mission or two (enought to have a saved game) and you will unlock rico's outfit in sleeping dogs

    Sleeping Dogs looks pretty solid, watched some gameplay walkthroughs on the weekend and like the 'alien' nature of the open world. So used to playing open world games set in a variation of New York City. There seems to be a lot of hidden depth too. (Looking for evidence, hacking mini-games, martial arts.)

    I'll be getting Sleeping Dogs & Darksiders 2 hopefully I can finish Risen 2 : Dark Waters before Thursday.

    Oh and whoever decided on Darksiders 2’s release date is a genius. It’s been a while since there has been any major AAA releases and whilst I see this as probably the lower end of the AAA scale, it should sell extremely well due to fairly starved gamers.

    Looking forward to Darksiders 2. I really hope all the effort THQ's done marketing it pays off - they've done some amazing games, and it'd be sad to see them go. Saw an ad in Central's tunnel this morning - not often you see games advertised there.

    Darksiders 2 and Sleeping Dogs out Thursday.
    NSMB 2 is on Saturday (not that anyone cares)

    I'm not sure if any localisation has been done on Darksiders 2 on Steam, as the price is still 49USD. So hopefully we also get the unlock on the 14th or I'll be shedding a tear.

    Welcome back 'This Week In Games'... I've missed you.

    Darksiders 2 preloaded. loved the first game even though ive never played a zelda game. Am i fag for liking the grimdark and edgy?

      if you are being grimdark and edgy and your setting is an apocalyptic future with demons and angels and the end times and your lead artist is a graphic novelist who has done quite a lot of the aforementioned grimdark and edgy stuff, then no, you aren't a fag.
      If you are being grimdark and edgy to cater to "the mature audience" (which is bullshit btw) then yes, you are entering the realms of faggotry.

      As to the discussion about zelda vs soul reaver, I think why it seems more similar to SR is because of the less structured layout. In zelda, the dungeons are dungeons, the temples are temples, the puzzles stand out like puzzles and you know, the moment you have to collect something, exactly how many of them you need, where to go and what to expect. In SR and DS, The dungeons and temples aren't completely obvious stand-alone structures that scream "this is the threshold, on this side are puzzles and keys, on the other side is the overworld". The equipment you collect is used for a lot more on the overworld than unlocking secrets in DS/SR than in zelda. In DS the obstacles are situational specific props like trains, power generators etc that make them blend in a little bit more whereas in zelda they are quite often the same prop recycled for every single dungeon and puzzle.

    hopefully eb starts selling darksiders 2 tuesday that would make my day

    I don't really think of the puzzles in Darksiders to be really puzzles, with the exception of the Black Throne weighted cage elevator puzzle 'trick'. Having said that, the obvious parts I thought were the miscellaneous 'do this trick' in the shadow world where you have to kill 5 bats without touching the ground once etc.

    I have Sleeping Dogs pre-ordered. Can't wait for that.

    Sleeping Dogs wasn't "meant" to be aTrue Crime game. It was an original IP that was going of the name Black Lotus before Activision picked it up and re-marketed it as a True Crime reboot due to the original publishers have some finance issues. Nice reporting skills.......

      Don't give Mark a lecture on his reporting skills. We all love him to death here and you know what. IT IS NOT IMPORTANT.

      Anyway, all this talk of Soul Reaver has me missing Kain and his shenanigans. Will the pillars ever be right again?
      On topic. I have ordered both. Can't wait, anyone seen if the Aussie street date on DSII broke yet?

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