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A weird one this week. My first instinct was, 'hmm... quiet week'. Then, as I dug, I realised there are actually a fair few big releases this week. They may not necessarily be for you, but someone's going to care!

Guild Wars 2 (PC)

What is it? MMO with a flexible story and no subscription. It's the MMO of the future... today! Should you care? Sorry, I'm not an MMO dude. I have no personal feelings either way. This seems like a big deal though.

Madden NFL 13 (360/PS3/PS Vita/Wii)

What is it? Hoo boy it's that there Madden football thingy. Should you care? Man, I feel so inadequate for this week's 'This Week In Games'. You should care if you like NFL, because this is a good sports game.

Rock Band Blitz (360/PS3)

What is it? Imagine Rock Band designed specifically for a controller. There it is — that's Rock Band Blitz. (I sure am simplifying things today). Should you care? I'm definitely going to give it a try. Because Rock Band was my favourite thing in the world for a long period of time.

They Bleed Pixels (PC)

What is it? It's a 2D indie horror platformer. Yep. Never heard of something like that before. Oh wait, I guess Limbo was kind of like that... Should you care? Looks interesting. I may check it out.

You guys and girls picking anything up this week?


    I bought the humble indie bundle. Great investment!! Has kotaku mentioned it???

    All over Madden.

    I've pretty much avoided MMOs all my life, but bought GW2 on the weekend in a whim (and started playing in the Headstart). I'm really quite enjoying it so far – it doesn't suffer from a lot of the pretences that I think of when talking about MMOs, and I find the combat roughly on par (enjoyment wise) with, say, Dragon Age 2.

    idk if this is strictly game news but isn't the 1.80 update for the vita coming this week (28th NA). You know, the one which will allow us Vita owners to play PSone titles?

      I hope it's this week. Been waiting for ages to be able to play Kurushi on it.

        I got a crap-load of PSone games from my PS+ subscription. I hope I'll be able to download them onto my Vita.

    guild wars 2 looks very good have fun with it but im still very happy playing wow one day when im over it i will give gw 2 a try

    I want to play Guild Wars 2 but I just don't have the ability to commit to MMOs anymore. I am definitely interested in trying out They Bleed Pixels though. Kind of like Super Meat Boy if it were a brawler. And it has a Ponycorn arena!

      Good thing about Guild Wars 2 is that life destroying dedication is not necessarily necessary.
      No subscription to worry about for one thing. Also not as grindy as others: content is slightly level flexible I think and you get bumped to max level for PVP so can jump in whenever.
      Also if it it like the first one it is not as gear dependent as something like WoW that requires endless raid grinds.

      Since there's no subscription fee, you never feel compelled to play. It's one of the things I like about the game.

        I hope I feel compelled to play it for one reason or another, otherwise it was a poor purchase ;)

          You'd hope it is a "I want to play this game because it is great" versus "I need to play because otherwise am wasting subscription money".

    Getting a new PC soon, so I'll be all up in Guild Wars sometime soon!

    I generally get one Madden game a generation and I already have Madden 10...
    That being said 13 looks pretty okay. I may trade in 10 and a couple other things to get 13.

    Looking forward to giving Rock Band Blitz a whirl too.
    Be nice to have something to do with all those songs I bought that I don't need to lug a guitar or a drum set into my room to enjoy.

    For any RPG fans, Tales of Graces f should be out on the 30th

      I too am looking forward to the ne "tales of" game

    Rock Band Blitz, if it actually does get released on the PAL PSN Store! :p

    Even if for the sheer fact the songs are playable in RB3 with instruments... and RB DLC is compatible with RBBlitz... this is DLC done right!

      That theoretically interests me, except that I haven't even checked on the latest DLC for Rock Band in ages anyway. Still, it means I'll keep an eye out for RBBlitz in the discount bin around Christmastime since I usually go on a music game kick around New Year.

    Mr Serrels should play Guild Wars 2. Because its awesome.

    I've been playing Guild Wars 2 all weekend and it is honestly the best MMO around (despite a few server glitches on Saturday...)

    Doesn't playing Rock Band with a controller kinda defeat the purpose?

    Still only just started on Darksiders 2 and still have time left on the free month of The Secret War, so none of this.

    3 hours in, my name Aussiemate, banned 72 hours off to a great start

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