Today The Curiosity Rover Will Get Its Ass To Mars -- Watch It Live Here

So yeah, technically it's not video games. But I've played enough games set on Mars, or set in space, to know that this is a goddamn big deal, and I think you should know about it! Today at 3pm the Curiosity Rover will land on Mars, where it will promptly discover the last hiding place of the Decepticons and unleash an apocalyptic robot war the likes of which Earth has never seen.

Alright that's roughly about 40% true. Here are the facts — The Curiosity Rover is essentially a remote controlled lab that can 'rove' around Mars, picking up stuff, analysing it, 'do' the science and send back information about Mars. It could also stumble across a highly advanced machine race of synthetic-organic starships known as the Reapers. This could happen.


Alright, I'll stop being stupid because, seriously, this is a massive deal, and quite important in the grand scheme of things. I'm super excited about this.

Commentary on the above video will begin at 1.30pm AEST, so be sure to tune in then.


    Man, I love space and NASA. Went to the Kennedy Space Center almost exactly a year ago and the sense of history and importance was incredible. It's too bad with the exception of this there's not much to get excited about on the NASA front these days. :S

    I'm so scared! So much can go wrong, it's such a complex landing procedure. I feel sorry for the scientists and engineers that have litrally poured their life into this thing. I would vomit with anticipation in the 7 minutes of terror if I was in their position.
    It will be so wonderful if they pull it off! What an exciting time to be alive :-D

      When they first released the landing video, it blew my mind. Such an achievement.


    Really cool 3d simulation going on in real time as well:

    You can fast forward to the actual landing and see what happens if you can't wait a few hours,

    You mean you hope they find a prothean relic on Mars that will lead us to the mass relay. The mass relay is actually a moon/ice ball closer to pluto if i remember correctly :P

      IIRC, it turns out that Pluto's moon (Charon) was actually the Mass Relay encased in ice. That explains the fact that it's larger than Pluto - as it was using the planetoid as a "tether" - and it's non-spherical shape.

    I heard about this not long ago, can't wait for this.

    I'd love to see someone playing solitaire on one of those computer screens lol.

      In school I was taken to state parliament house to see our system at work.
      One man was sleeping, one man was waving to us, one man was playing solitaire on a laptop...
      The rest of the men and women looked bored listening to one minister drone on and on.

      I hope NASA is a little more professional

    * Rover explodes into a million pieces *

    Scientist: Oh... I see I forgot to carry the 1

    (seriously, hope it goes well, it's exciting!)

    "Mar's. I hate this place" - Security Chief Garibaldi

    Get your ass to Mars!

    Exciting stuff!

    Also, sigh at having to preface the article about not being about games. Screw the haters Mark. The majority of people are intelligent enough to appreciate this.

      Yeah, but there's always one. Appreciate it though man!

        Errr I think the discovery of Mass Relays, Prothean artifacts and possible Forerunner structures relates directly to gaming!

    At least the rover is unmanned, so when it digs up a Dead Space-esque marker then there's less chance of any sudden necromorphism.

    I'm hoping to catch a glimpse of an Illudium Q-36 explosive space modulator!

    "we have confirmed touchdown" followed by a roomfull of rocket scientists collectively loosing their shit with joy is pretty great.

    For 2.5 Bill, they could have had Michael Bay do a much better show! with some Alien action too!

    Well, no alien civilisations yet.
    Still, watching photos streamed practically live from another planet is pretty damn impressive.

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